13 hidden features of iOS 13 that are good to know about

Take everything from iOS 13!

AT iOS 13 almost 200 innovations, many of which are rather unobvious. They talked about 13 hidden, but really useful features of the new firmware for the iPhone. Be sure to find something new!

13 hidden features of iOS 13 that are good to know about

1. Search in "Messages"

Searching the Messaging app was so bad in previous versions of iOS that few people used it. In iOS 13, Apple finally figured it out! Now the search works as it should, allowing you to find all text messages even by part of the word. You can use it.

2. The mode of saving mobile Internet

Each iPhone in iOS 13 has a special mode for saving mobile Internet. It will help out when there is very little traffic left or you are abroad, where mobile Internet is super expensive. The mode is hidden in the menu "Settings"→"Cell data"→"Data options". Many users have never visited this menu in principle.

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3. The ability to remove applications from the update page

In iOS 13, any application can be removed directly from the screen with the list of updates in the App Store. To do this, swipe on the line with the application to the left. By the way, the list of updates itself is also hidden. Now it is in the menu "Account", Which can be accessed by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner of the App Store application.

4. Updated timer

In the Clock application, the built-in timer was coolly updated. In iOS 13, it looks more modern, and its work is accompanied by pleasant animation.

13 hidden features of iOS 13 that are good to know about

5. Dolby Atmos support on all iPhone and iPad 2018 release

Each 2018 iPhone and iPad has acquired Dolby Atmos sound support! Movies and TV shows with this sound will be able to watch fully.

6. 3D Touch gestures on all devices

All iPhone and iPad support for 3D Touch gestures. However, this is their obsolete name. With the release of iOS 13, they can be called Haptic Touch gestures or "Quick Actions", since 3D Touch unexpectedly for many was “killed” by Apple.

7. Ability to create a screenshot of the entire web page

Now, when creating a screenshot in the Safari browser, you can quickly save the full version of the web page in PDF format, for example, for reading without the Internet or transferring. To do this, take a screenshot, click on its thumbnail in the lower left corner, and then select the “Full Page” tab.

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8. Automatically close tabs

In Safari browser settings a new useful item. There you can configure the automatic closing of all open pages. This option will become really useful for those who regularly leave dozens, and sometimes hundreds of tabs open. Not everyone knows, but because of them, Safari and the iPhone as a whole can slow down.

9. Objectives for reading in the "Books"

In the application "Books", which few people go to because of the presence of alternative "readers", it became possible to set goals for reading. You can choose any goal, even the most ambitious. Very motivated to read more. Useful feature.

10. Ability to control access to geolocation

In iOS 13, users can flexibly configure any application’s access to geolocation. In the privacy settings, you can request that the application does not use geolocation without the owner’s demand. Suitable for those who do not like tracking themselves.

11. Mute unknown subscribers

If you got calls from unknown subscribers, then iOS 13 will allow you to say goodbye to them. New feature in the "Settings"→"Phone»Makes calls from unknown callers muffled. They won’t bother you anymore.

12. Quick selection of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

In the “Control Center” in iOS 13, you can quickly select Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices to connect. Just click on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon and select the desired item. Connection will happen instantly.

13 hidden features of iOS 13 that are good to know about

13. Support for game controllers from Xbox One and PS4

With the advent of iOS 13, every iPhone and iPad has learned to fully support gamepads from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 game consoles! No more super-expensive controllers with a wild margin. You can connect your proven gamepad and play most games, for example, from the Apple Arcade service.