3 in 4 Wealth Managers and IFAs Expect to Increase Their Exposure to Cryptocurrencies, According to HANetf’s Digital Assets and Cryptography Survey

HANetf, Europe’s leading independent white-label ETF and ETC platform, and leading provider of thematic ETFs and crypto and commodity ETCs, has released its first Digital Assets & Crypto review, covering the first half of 2022.

The review contains an in-depth analysis of recent developments in the world of digital assets, including articles written by experts covering topics such as the impact of the bear market on Bitcoin miners, what the collapse of Terra Luna means for cryptocurrencies and what we can expect. as we venture into the metaverse.

As part of the Digital Assets & Crypto Review, HANetf also conducted an in-depth survey, which was disseminated to wealth managers and IFAs across Europe.

The survey results indicated that 75% of respondents plan to increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies over the next 12 months, with Bitcoin being the preferred coin by a high margin.

Additionally, more than half of respondents foresee a stricter regulatory environment for digital assets and cryptocurrencies over the next three years. According to experts in the crypto space, clearer and stronger regulation should be a welcome change for investors, as it would potentially bring greater stability to a notoriously volatile market.1

During the first half of 2022, HANetf launched three new crypto ETCs on the Swiss exchange, SIX; MATICetc – ETC Group Physical Polygon (MTCE), ATOMetc – ETC Group Physical Cosmos (ATME) and AVAXetc – ETC Group Physical Avalanche (EVAL). In addition to this, HANetf has also listed two new crypto ETCs on Deutsch Börse XETRA: XRPetc – ETC Group Physical XRP (GXRP) and UNIetc – ETC Group Physical Uniswap (USWA).

These new products bring the total number of ETCs on the HANetf platform to 14. HANetf is a leading provider of crypto ETCs and recently announced plans to expand the capabilities of its white label product platform to cryptocurrency ETCs. Read more: Press release | HANetf expands its white-label crypto ETC and ETP capabilities Additionally, in 2022 HANetf launched Europe’s first Metaverse ETF, ETC Group Global Metaverse UCITS ETF, which provides exposure to companies that have Metaverse-related business activities, such as in the field of augmentation and virtual reality, 3D graphics, semiconductors, high-speed wireless communications, online games, video streaming, blockchain technologies, including NFTs and digital lands, and the connected cloud, and file and data storage.2

Following this, in May, HANetf announced that it was partnering with Grayscale Investments to launch Grayscale’s first European ETF: Grayscale Future of Finance UCITS ETF (GFOF). The fund provides exposure to companies at the intersection of finance, technology and digital assets, understanding the future of the digital economy.3

Hector McNeil, co-CEO and co-founder of HANetf comments: “We are delighted to publish the HANetf Digital Assets & Crypto Review, providing investors with an in-depth look at the latest developments in the world of digital assets and cryptocurrencies. As the survey results in the review show, investors are increasingly interested in crypto-assets, despite the particularly volatile start to this year. At HANetf, we believe that providing timely, high-quality research and content is a must for any ETP issuer today. The Digital Assets and Crypto Review will accompany the thematic review and monthly reports we publish for each of our ETPs, as essential reading for any investor.

Dolores W. Simon