5 “Best” Stock Brokers (2022 Edition)

Online stock trading has never been more accessible. There is now a wide range of online stockbrokers offering reliable trading environments and commission-free trading on thousands of stocks, ETFs and more.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced stock trader, there will be a perfect broker for you. We’ve taken a closer look at 5 of the best and outlined their key features to suit your trading needs.

Important areas to consider

With so many choices available, we considered a few of the following important areas as key factors when making your choice of online stockbroker:

Trading fees: These will have a direct impact on your bottom line. Luckily in the market today, most of the top stockbrokers offer great value when it comes to allowing commission-free trading and are largely fee-free overall.

Platform and features: You’ll want a trading platform that’s user-friendly and also available on your device of choice, with mobile trading capability becoming increasingly important to the majority of traders. Additional features and tools for brokers can also differentiate many competitors.

Trading style: How you want to negotiate, and in particular your level of involvement, will play a key role. For the hands-off approach, robo-advisors and automated trading are ideal, while for a diversified portfolio on a budget, the rise of fractional stock trading is more than ideal.

If you’re looking for an industry-experienced broker, backed by one of the most respected reputations, and packed with great features and trading options, you need look no further than First class. They are a pioneer in offering commission-free, low-cost trading and have been around since 1985.

In their more than 35 years in the industry, they have not stood idly by. Continuing their evolution, they now offer a highly intuitive and exclusive trading platform where you can enjoy trading thousands of stocks, ETFs and bonds from some of the largest exchanges in the world.

They also provide a top-notch educational section with articles, videos, and tutorials to help you build your trading knowledge at all levels.

Trading fees: You will not find any commissions or trading fees in Firstrade. Unique among top brokers, this also applies to mutual fund trading, often a huge plus for more experienced traders.

Check out our full Firstrade review or head straight to First class to open your account now.

M1Finance has quickly established itself as one of the most unique stockbroker choices in the industry. They combine some of the best elements of a low-cost online broker while providing a popular robo-advisor trading experience. This has seen them become a top choice for many stock traders since their launch in 2015.

If you want to start trading fractional stocks and build a diversified portfolio at the same time, M1 offers the perfect solution. Here you can choose from thousands of stocks, ETFs and other assets to build your portfolio through split shares, or from dozens of organized portfolios called “pies” that the broker has put together. Once invested, these pies can then automatically trade and rebalance like a robo-advisor to maximize your investment.

Beyond just trading, this FDIC insured and regulated service provides an entire ecosystem where you can save at high interest rates and even borrow from your wallet at low cost via M1 Spend with no hassle or credit checks and a low interest rate from 2%.

Trading fees: Very good value is provided for trading with M1 Finance. There are no trading fees, commissions or markups added. There is also no minimum account to worry about. A perfect environment for newbie traders looking to save big on fees.

Take a look at our full M1 Finance review or visit M1Finance straight to start.

Public.com is one of the fastest growing app-based stockbrokers in the industry. They have been around in one form or another for many years and have implemented well-respected FINRA regulations while providing a highly innovative trading and investing environment for the modern equity trader.

You’ll find thousands of major US stocks and ETFs available to browse and buy with thematic classifications, making it super easy to find the perfect investments for you. A big advantage in today’s market is that you can invest in fractional shares with Public, and it’s all through the convenience of their easy-to-use mobile app. This can be quickly downloaded to your iOS or Android device and puts all the trading power you need in your hands.

Additionally, you will have access to many social trading features that allow you to communicate and share information with other groups and traders, although a direct messaging system ensures that you never miss a move.

Trading fees: As with many others, there are no commissions or fees on transactions with Public.com. Add to that the many non-trading features such as deposits and withdrawals which can be free and it is possible to trade with great value here.

For more details, you can check out our in-depth Public.com review or visit the Public.com register.

Moomoo is a FINRA-regulated trading platform that allows trading of stocks in the US, UK and Singapore markets. Moomoo is a trading platform offered by Moomoo Inc. Investment products and services on moomoo are offered by Futu Inc. They are regulated by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and brokerage accounts here are protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)

They offer a wide assortment of trading options, including US stocks, HK stocks, SG stocks, US stock options, futures, ADRs, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and REITs. Other financial products will soon be available.

They offer free Level 2 market data, which gives investors access to real-time bids and asks to execute trades more accurately. They also offer 24/7 news to give investors easy access to detailed analysis of stocks and price movements.

To learn more visit Moomoo.

Another big name in the industry when it comes to stockbrokers and broader financial services, TD Ameritrade is a cornerstone of the sector. They combine their long-standing good reputation with a move towards commission-free trading across a huge range of assets.

Trading these assets with the broker is a very smooth process using their own Thinkorswim trading platform which has earned an excellent reputation for being both easy to use, very powerful and detailed when it comes to tools and charting capabilities .

Not only backed by its reputation and a huge supply of assets, many of them in crypto, TD Ameritrade takes it to the next level by providing access to a wide range of useful educational resources. This is why many of their traders tend to sign up and stay with the broker as their long term choice.

Trading fees: You can trade all stocks and ETFs here without commission or fees. There are also thousands of mutual funds and many more that you can access at no cost to keep pace with the industry. Options can be traded at $0.65 per contract with no minimum.

Dolores W. Simon