6 Ways To Take A Screenshot On A Laptop

6 Ways To Take A Screenshot On A Laptop

6 ways to take a screenshot on a laptop?

Hello. Have you ever had a situation where you urgently needed to take a screenshot? I am sure the need for this has appeared more than once. Today I will show you several ways how to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop. Including we will analyze possible problems! Almost all methods are suitable for all modern systems – Windows 10, 8, 7, and even XP.

In general, if one of you previously could not make a screenshot, then in this lesson you will solve all your problems.

1. The standard way to take a screenshot. Print screen

The coolest and I would even say the most correct way to take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop is to use the Print Screen keyboard shortcut. Let’s talk in more detail how to use it correctly.

First, open the window whose screenshot you want to take. It can be a folder, browser, or any program. Now find the Print Screen key on the keyboard and press it once (the key is located on the right side of the keyboard and can be referred to as PrtSc).

After pressing the Print Screen key, the screenshot is half taken and we just have to save it. Launch Paint or Photoshop.

Now right-click on the document and select Paste.

A screenshot taken on the laptop will be inserted.

It will remain to save by clicking the File – Save menu.

If you have a problem and the screenshot is not inserted into Paint, then maybe you need to use a slightly modified combination on your laptop. You need to find another Fn key on the keyboard.

Hold Fn and only then click on Print Screen. Then we return to paint and insert the screenshot taken.

By the way, one more moment! When creating a screenshot, you can hold down the Alt key and then a screenshot of only the active window will be taken. Try it and you will understand.

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The main advantage of this method is that we do not need to install any additional programs. And it is very convenient.

2. Scissors

It happens that some users cannot find the Print Screen key on the keyboard. They are either looking badly, or it really isn’t there. Well, if you didn’t find it, then it’s okay, you can take a screenshot on the laptop in other ways, for example, using scissors.

Open the search bar (Win + Q) and enter the query Scissors.

We launched the program and let’s try it in work. Click on the arrow next to the Create button and select the type of screenshot you want to create. For example, I will select Full Screen. I press it and I have the same second a screenshot of the entire laptop screen is created.

It will remain to save by clicking on the floppy disk.

If you need to take a screenshot of an arbitrary area, then use the Rectangle or Window tool.

As with the Print Screen key, this method is very simple and fast!

3. LightShot program

If you need more advanced features, such as instantly publishing a screenshot on the Internet, quick editing and the like, then pay attention to the LightShot program.

I myself have been using LightShot lately and now I will tell you why. Let’s first download the program and install it.

After installation, LightShot started and we can immediately take screenshots, but I advise you to configure the hot keys to start.

In the notification area, find the program icon (purple pen), right-click and go to Settings.

Next we need the Hotkeys tab. Here we can indicate which keystrokes will be responsible for creating screenshots. I have it Ctr + 1, Ctr + 2 and Ctr + 3. We indicate those that are convenient for you and save.

Now let’s try to take a screenshot on the laptop. I press Ctr + 1 and I have the opportunity to select an object on the screen to create a screenshot. I work out and then I have several tools.

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Please note here are very useful tools. We can upload a screenshot to the Internet with one click (1), save it to a computer (2) or edit it (3) by adding some text or arrow.

Also there is a print button (4), a pencil for drawing (5) and so on.

It’s very easy to figure it out, but I think that the most important buttons are saving a screenshot to a computer, fast downloading to the Internet, and of course editing.

By the way, after uploading the screenshot to the Internet, we immediately copy the link by which we can open it or share it with other Internet users.

You can also sign in to LightShot using Facebook or Google+.

If this is done, an additional function will appear: all screenshots taken will be stored on the LightShot server and they can be accessed at any time. I think this is a very cool feature.

6 Ways To Take A Screenshot On A Laptop

4. FastStone Capture Program

I did not want to load you heavily with additional programs, but I could not get past FastStone Capture. I just have to tell you about her. Let’s briefly!

Download FastStone Capture on the official website.

Download, install and run. You will see such a neat menu.

Here are a bunch of tools. You can take a screenshot of the screen completely, separately a window or some figure. But the coolest tool that is not found in other programs is a screenshot of the scroll screen.

By choosing it, you can take a picture of a site that does not fit on the screen. It will simply scroll and a large screenshot will be saved. An example of a screenshot taken can be found here. If you need it, then try and you will succeed!

That’s it, I won’t spend time on this program anymore, because I talked about the most interesting function.

5. Take a screenshot on a laptop in Windows 10

Windows 10 users can take a screenshot of the screen on a laptop using the latest features. For example, if you press the key combination Win + G on your keyboard, then you will start the game panel, on which there will be an icon in the form of a camera.

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So, clicking on this fotik creates a screenshot. So I tried to create some screenshots, and where can I find them now? Everything is simple. Open the Computer section and go to Images. There will be folders Screenshots, and inside all the screenshots.

And there is one more combination of Win + PrtSc. We press these keys together and we immediately, without any questions, a screenshot is created and placed in the same folder. And yet, pay attention when using this method, when we create a screenshot, the screen dims for half a second.

6. Dropbox and Yandex drive

I want to put something else in the treasury of your knowledge. Some of you are most likely familiar with such programs as Dropbox and Yandex disk. These are cloud storage services and they are designed to store data. So, recently, these services began to actively promote their additional function of creating screenshots.

For example, in Dropbox, this feature is in the settings on the Import tab. If you check the box next to Share screenshots using Dropbox, the program will intercept the created screenshots and place it in its folder where we can take them and use them for our purposes.

Yandex Disk has a Screenshots tab where you can configure hotkeys to create screenshots of various types (screenshot of an area, the entire screen or a separate window).

If you use Yandex.Disk or Dropbox for cloud storage, keep in mind that you can also take a screenshot of the screen there.

Thank you for reading this article. Now I have a request for you. Write in the comments which method you liked the most. And if you already have some experience working with such programs, or use standard methods, then write about them too, it will be interesting to learn something new!