7 Ways To Download Video To Iphone And Ipad

7 Ways To Download Video To Iphone And Ipad

Published April 12, 2017 Updated June 7, 2017

The internal organization of iOS is different from the usual Windows, you cannot directly copy video files to it, simply by connecting a mobile device to a computer. But you can still watch your favorite series on the tablet. We’ll figure out how to download videos to iPhone quickly and without extra costs.

iTunes Store

To save money, you can use the rental function. Getting a rental copy is several times cheaper, but after 30 days it will automatically be deleted from your device.

After buying in the iTunes Store, open the Video application – the selected movie will appear there. Click on the cloud icon next to it, the file will be saved to the tablet or smartphone.

iTunes: in MP4

We’ll show you how to upload movies to iPad using the official Apple app: http://www.apple.com/en/itunes/download/. Through iTunes, you can synchronize a tablet or smartphone with a computer, copy the phone book, audio and video recordings, photos. If you need to transfer the movie from your computer, iTunes will do a great job.

But first, look what format the video is saved in – by default, only MP4 supports iPhone. If your records are stored in a different format, you can convert them to MP4 or resort to the help of third-party applications that can work with other types of files.

To transfer video from a computer to an iPhone:

  1. Connect the device with a cable to the computer.
  2. Open the program, select the connected iPad or iPhone.
  3. In the "Media Library" section, go to the "Films" sub-item. Check that “Sync Movies” is checked.
  4. In the main menu, select "Add File to Media Library", specify movies in MP
  5. When the files appear in the list, tick them and click “Apply” and “Sync”.
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When the download is complete, disconnect the mobile device from the PC. You will find the downloaded video on the iPad in the "Video" system program, in the "Home" subsection.

Convert to mp4

How to save video in a different format? It is impossible to simply change the file extension by writing MP4 instead of AVI, MPEG, DIV or MOV – not a single video player recognizes such a record. You need a special program – a converter that will change the internal structure of the file.

Many applications are able to do conversion. You can use online services to not install new programs: Online-convert or OnlineVideoConverter. If the movie is large, you need a good Internet channel to transfer it to the server. Or convert using free utilities like Free MP4 Video Converter.

iTunes: any format

Let’s figure out how to transfer video from a computer to an iPhone in other formats. To do this, first install one of the following players, and copy files to it through iTunes:

  1. VLC for Mobile – produces many formats, including directly from cloud services, there is a broadcast of media servers. Does not support AC
  2. OPlayerHD Lite is a simple player that can smooth the video stream, which makes viewing on a weak device easier. Plays streaming from the Internet.
  3. AVPlayerHD – paid, but very functional. A lot of settings, disabling decoders, file management. For each film, the size, duration and place of the pause is displayed – a convenient function when watching a series.

How to transfer video to any of these utilities:

  • Connect the device with a cable to the PC, start iTunes.
  • In the "Programs" section, go to "Shared files", select the application you need.
  • Click “Add”, transfer the video files to the window. They will be copied to the device.
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By wifi

You can download movies for iPad and iPhone without aytyuns, without connecting the device with a wire to a PC. Some players can transfer content over Wi-Fi: AVPlayer, OPlayer Lite, PlayerXtreme, etc. Let’s figure out how to download a movie to iPad from a computer using PlayerXtreme as an example – in other applications the setup algorithm is similar:

  1. Connect your PC and mobile device to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. In the PlayerXtreme menu under Wi-Fi, set Enabled.
  3. Copy the IP address from the Web line, paste it into the browser line on the PC.
  4. The page will open, click “Add files”, select the videos to be dropped.
  5. Click the arrow button next to the file name, the download will begin.

In this way, you can copy video to iPhone in different formats. Only the transfer speed will not be very high – large files are transferred for a rather long time, compared to downloading via cable.

7 Ways To Download Video To Iphone And Ipad

Download from the Internet

How to remove a movie directly from any site? The AppStore has free utilities for downloading video directly from the Internet to an iOS device without a computer. They do not always clearly fulfill their function and often developers throw them over, but they are worth a try.

  1. Video Saver Pro: can upload video files and manage downloads, show videos directly from DropBox and Google Drive services.
  2. My Video Downloader Free: download and watch video files from the Internet, including via Wi-Fi and 3G.

Using cloud services

Not always on your computer’s hard drive there is enough space to store large-sized films in good quality or all the episodes of your favorite series. In this case, the downloaded media content is conveniently sent to one of the cloud services – Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Also through them you can share videos with friends and colleagues.

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We’ll tell you how to drop video from a computer through the cloud. Register an account in any of the storages, record the necessary videos from the PC into it. Then go to the cloud site from a tablet or smartphone and watch your movie online or save it to internal memory. You can also install the official mobile applications that almost all cloud services for iPhone and iPad have.

Do not forget to only check the movie format on the iPad: if you use a standard iOS player, you can only watch MP4. If you have an alternative player installed, it will show the video stored in the cloud in any other supported format.

Via email

If you use e-mail on your smartphone, you can record a movie on iPhone through it. How to download video from a computer: send the video to your address, launch the built-in Mail on your mobile device, receive new letters and click on the attachment with your finger. Look for the downloaded film in the Video application.

The method is easy and quick, but more suitable for small clips – large files can not be sent to any mailbox, and saving will go quite slowly.

Which way is better?

It’s hard to single out the best way to download a movie on the iPad. The fastest – through the iTunes Store, but not for free. Reliably – through iTunes, but only in MP4 or with the preliminary installation of an alternative player. It’s convenient to send small clips to your e-mail or download additional utilities via Wi-Fi. Therefore, how to add a video – choose depending on the situation.