All Changes To The Photos App In Ios 13

All Changes To The Photos App In Ios 13

In iOS 13, the Photos app has a new way to view and edit not only photos, but also videos.

Video editing

Previously, video editing needed to use applications like iMovie and Infltr. In iOS 13, videos can be edited directly in the Photos app. Almost all of the same filters and tools are available for video editing as for photos.

There is a feature that automatically enhances videos and pictures with one touch. And yes, she also acts on the video. The function will automatically adjust color levels, brightness, contrast, etc., to make the video more beautiful.

In addition, the video can now be rotated and cropped to fit using standard Photo tools.

Photo editing

Photo editing now not only looks, but also works differently. You can adjust filters and indicators using gestures and sliders. When editing a photo, you will immediately notice all the changes.

Now you can monitor what indicators you have already changed and how much. Just hold down the icon of any indicator and drag your finger up or down to change its intensity. Modified indicators are displayed in numbers.

There is also an automatic editing tool, and you can also see exactly how it changes each indicator.

New Media Library

IOS 13 automatically hides unnecessary images, like the same photo, screenshots, etc. Your music library is analyzed using machine learning.

The application itself selects the best moments of every day, month and year. Now you can easily find and remember your most memorable moments.

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On the Years tab, photos of the current day of past years are displayed, which is very convenient for experiencing past events. On your birthday, you can open this tab and see photos from your last year’s birthday, etc.

In addition, when scrolling through the library, videos are played back automatically, and the tape seems to come to life. All images also have access, including screenshots, etc.

Portrait Lighting Control

In iOS 13, you can adjust the intensity of portrait lighting.

When choosing portrait lighting, you will see a slider for adjusting the depth effect. Move the slider to move the light source closer to the subject or vice versa. You can change the position and intensity of each portrait light effect.

The closer the light source is to the object, the sharper the eyes appear. Move the source and the photo will be more blurry.

All Changes To The Photos App In Ios 13

High-Key Mono Effect

IOS 13 introduces a new High-Key Mono effect. This is a beautiful black and white filter designed for portrait shots.

Features of the Share menu

Now Photo is not only easier to find photographs of important points, but also more convenient to share. You can share pictures as separate photos or send them via iCloud, as if in an archive.

When sending photos, you can attach the location or remove it. You can share the original pictures or already edited. In this case, the recipient will be able to once again edit all the indicators or completely cancel the editing.

Siri recommends people and apps where you can share photos. It all happens based on an analysis of your actions.

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You can also duplicate photos, hide, save them to Files, copy, etc. It’s also more convenient to apply quick commands to the photo.

All changes to the Photos app in iOS 13

  • New Media Library: Thanks to the new media library, viewing, finding and sharing your photo videos has become more convenient and interesting. You can view all the photos, the best photos of the day, experience the best moments of the month and remember what happened on the current day a year ago, etc.
  • Auto playLive photoandvideo: When scrolling through the library, Live Photo and videos will play automatically.
  • Smart preview: Previews have become larger so that it is easier for you to distinguish between photos. The application itself selects the best part of the picture for the preview, and when you open it you see it completely.
  • Subtle transitions: Thanks to convenient animation and transitions, you will no longer be confused in your tabs.
  • You do not see similar and unnecessary photos: Identical photos, screenshots, photos of documents and receipts are hidden automatically so you can enjoy your photos.
  • Important points: The Months tab displays important moments and events in your life that you can return to at any time.
  • Headers: The main tab displays the names of locations, holidays, concert performers, etc., so that it is easier for you to find the pictures you need.
  • "On this day": The Years tab displays pictures taken on the current day in past years.
  • Birthdays: If birthdays are attached to people in your contacts, then on their birthdays applications will highlight photos with them.
  • Approximation: You can easily zoom in on your photos when viewing with gestures.
  • Screen Recording Album: Now all your screen recordings are stored in one place.
  • Improved search: You can search for several words. For example, “beach” and “selfie”, and you don’t even have to enter all the words manually.
  • Music for memories: The music for your memories is based on what kind of music you like.
  • An associationLivePhoto: If you made two Live Photos with a difference of 1.5 seconds, they will be played back one after another automatically.
  • See each effect separately: You can view how your picture looked before and after each applied effect.
  • Filter management: Now you can change the intensity of each filter.
  • Improved management: You can adjust the intensity of each indicator.
  • Video editing: Everything that can be done with photos can now be done with video. All video formats are supported, including 4K at 60 fps and slow motion 1080p at 240 fps.
  • Saving Originals: You can remove filters and undo various actions when editing a video to return to the original.
  • Juiciness: Make your photos brighter without changing your skin tone.
  • White balance: Change the temperature and color tones of the image.
  • Definition: Make the edges and contours in photos sharper.
  • Selection: Make photos sharper and clearer.
  • Noise reduction: Remove noise from photos.
  • Vignette: Add a shadow to the edges of the photo to highlight the object in the center.
  • Automatic editing: The photo is aligned and cropped automatically.
  • Gesture zoom: When editing, you can zoom in any part of the photo.
  • ImageCaptureAPI: Photos can be imported directly to third-party applications.