AMFI | Equity Mutual Fund | Debt funds: Equity mutual fund inflows rise, debt fund assets under management see sharp decline in February

Equity mutual funds saw a net inflow of Rs 19,645 crore in February, while debt mutual funds saw a net outflow of Rs 8,274 crore, according to data released by the Association. mutual funds in India (AMFI). Amid market volatility, equity mutual funds saw increased inflows. Inflows into these programs stood at Rs 14,552 crore in January.

Sector funds and Flexi cap funds were the undisputed leaders, attracting huge inflows in February. Large cap inflows also increased to Rs 2,338.6 crore from Rs 1,890.2 crore in the previous month. Similarly, mid-cap inflows also surged to Rs 1,954.3 crore from a previous Rs 1,770 crore in January. Here is an overview of the data.

Schema name Net inflow (in crore) Net AUM (INR in crore)
Multi-cap funds 585.27 42,784.36
Large Cap Funds 2,338.58 216,794.50
Large and Mid Cap Funds 2,035.58 103,409.11
Mid Cap Funds 1,954.32 152,548.49
Small Cap Funds 1,429.74 100,406.66
Dividend Yield Fund 156.50 9,421.98
Value Funds/Matching Funds 837.04 75,627.00
Targeted fund 1,955.55 92,851.30
Sector/thematic funds 3,441.00 143,324.60
ELSS 1,098.11 141,035.59
Flexi Cap Fund 3,873.56 216,341.22

On the mutual fund side, cash inflows increased from outflows in January to a net inflow of Rs 40,273 crore in February. All categories of debt mutual funds, except for cash and overnight funds, saw net outflows this month, due to the uncertainty surrounding the evolution of rates.

Schema name Net inflow (in crore) Net AUM (INR in crore)
Open plans
Night funds 1,296.06 115,555.27
Liquid fund 40,273.31 389,305.48
Ultra Short Duration Funds -1,315.04 90,436.56
Short Duration Funds -4,981.53 121,216.80
Money market funds -655.32 119,233.31
Short-term funds -12,091.88 124,564.17
Mid-duration funds -1,061.86 33,842.12
Medium and long-term funds -2,907.14 11,102.80
Long-term funds -58.16 2,550.00
Dynamic Bond Fund -1,705.25 26,199.12
Corporate Bond Funds -10,218.74 141,569.18
Credit risk fund -387.76 28,051.63
Bank fund and PSU -3,654.12 101,148.39
golden fund -464.06 15,691.38
Gilt Fund with a constant duration of 10 years -19.81 1,335.20
Floating fund -10,322.98 87,595.72

The net inflow of the hybrid fund was Rs 3,177 crore against Rs 6,230 crore and the ETF stood at Rs 10,791 crore against Rs 4,009 crore. The SIP contribution rose to Rs 11,438 crore, slightly lower from Rs 11,517 crore in January.

Dolores W. Simon