Basic Programs For Work

Basic Programs For Work

Modern smartphones have long been able to be used not only for communication, Internet surfing and games, but also for a healthy lifestyle. To add such a function to your mobile gadget, it’s enough to purchase a device such as a fitness tracker or Mi Band 2 bracelet, the average cost of which is 3000 rubles. The device is easily synchronized with any smartphone on the Android platform and most models on iOS. However, choosing it to control their health, users want to know what applications the Mi Band works with and what functionality it has. The answer to this question will allow an overview of several popular programs for the bracelet.

Bracelet Apps

Many users of the first generation Mi Band are familiar with what applications are needed for Xiaomi fitness bracelet – especially with the proprietary program Mi Fit. However, both the AppStore and Google Play have many other programs that are suitable for the device and provide various tasks – from controlling physical exercises to making calls and managing music. Deciding which Xiaomi Mi Band Android or iOS application to choose for a gadget is possible only depending on the requirements for its functionality.

The official Mi Fit program and its modifications

Among the applications for Mi Band 2, the main one is a proprietary program from the manufacturer Mi Fit, which you can download for a smartphone with Android OS from the Play Market. In terms of functionality, it is similar to the Google Fit utility, with which it can synchronize to exchange data. To work, the application received three screens:

  • to display basic information – the number of steps taken and distance, sleep time, calories burned and heart rate indicators;
  • to set up functions such as an alarm clock, notification of calls and messages on a smartphone, reminders of the need to lead an active lifestyle, synchronization with the Google application;
  • to change the parameters of your personal profile – set anthropometric data and daily goals for distance and steps taken.
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The modified version of Mi Fit, LolexMod 2.4.2, allows you to see the contact name in the call message line, receive notifications about the loss of communication with the phone and transfer the application to the memory card. Another improved Mi Xiaomi Band 2 application MIUI Russia 3.0.2 is distinguished by a better translation into Russian and Ukrainian, the presence of a Russified voice assistant and the ability to share achievements through the Telegram messenger.

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

The Notify Fitness for Mi Band 2 program refers to unofficial applications that can be used both with Mi Fit and separately. The old version of the utility is free, the new one can be purchased on the Play Market. Among its features it is worth noting:

  • not too convenient interface;
  • the ability to monitor the pulse at predetermined time intervals;
  • the presence of a running training regimen. Before setting up Notify Fitness for Mi Band to control running indicators, the user selects the frequency of taking readings that affects the display of the lesson schedule.

Another important task that Fitness Notify Mi Band 2 performs is setting notification parameters from various applications, including those installed on the smartphone. Issued with the application and information about calls to the phone. Although the bracelet itself is not capable of receiving the call.

Mi Band 2 Music Control

The useful Mi Band 2 application for Android allows you to manage music files using the button located on the bracelet. The program is free and is easily configured to work with music. To configure it is enough:

  • Open the program on the smartphone desktop;
  • Click on the icon resembling a triangular Play symbol;
  • Wait for Music Control to sync with the wristband.
Basic Programs For Work

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To use the application, the user must press the button 1.2 or 3 times, sending a command to switch, play or stop the track. You can use the same key both to take a photo and to scroll through the tracks while the bracelet performs other functions (for example, measuring heart rate). Such additional features are in the paid version of the application.

Other useful apps

An additional program for the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 bracelet called Func Button provides device configuration for single, double or triple button presses and brush turns. With these actions, you can switch tracks, start a timer, receive and reset a call on your smartphone, and adjust the volume. For each type of pressing, you can set your own version of vibration.

Considering other alternative programs of Mi Band 2, you should pay attention to the Selfie utility, with which the bracelet turns into a remote control from a smartphone camera. The advantages of the application include its free distribution. The disadvantage is working only with some camera applications – for example, with Free Camera and Bacon Camera, which will have to be downloaded from the Play Market.

Setting up the bracelet for working with iOS devices

In order to install the proprietary Mi Band 2 application on the iPhone, the following actions are performed:

  • The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 program for iOS is downloaded from the AppStore and installed on a smartphone and on a bracelet;
  • An account is created on the Mi server;
  • The program is configured (with the input of personal data);
  • Installation is completed by rebooting, after which the program on Xiaomi Mi Band 2 for iPhone starts working on the phone and bracelet.
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The setup procedure takes several minutes, after which the program is ready for use. The same installation steps will be for other applications. Including the utility Notify Fitness for Mi Band for iOS, which can also be downloaded from the AppStore.

Work on smartphones with Windows

Finding the Mi Band app for mobile versions of Windows is as easy as finding it for other operating systems. The list of programs is too different from the versions for Android and iOS. It has the same proprietary utility Mi Fit with a pedometer, sleep statistics and calorie counter.

Among the differences between applications for Windows Phone is the lack of firmware updates. In addition, the bracelet synchronized with the “windophone” will not be able to receive notifications about messages and calls.