Because Of What Applications Fly Out On The Iphone Reasons And Solutions

Because Of What Applications Fly Out On The Iphone Reasons And Solutions

Studying this article is useful not only for iPhone owners (its version in solving this problem can be neglected), but also for users of any other device running iOS (such as iPod, iPad, etc.).

To begin, let’s define the concept of “crash” applications – this is an emergency exit from the application, which the iOS system itself performs. Simply put, a “crash” can be called a situation when a user wants to enter a program or start a game, but after some time of loading (in some cases, this happens instantly) the application itself closes. Let’s determine why this happens with your devices, why applications crash?

Since the iPhone (and any other iDevice) is a multifunctional thing, applications also fly out for a number of reasons. In addition, do not forget that there is such an operation as Jailbreak, applications sometimes crash because of it. It allows you to access iOS and the complete file system, install third-party applications and perform other acts not approved by Apple.

If you have this Jailbreak installed on your iPhone, the solution to the problem is described for you in paragraph 3. If all applications are purchased or downloaded officially from the App Store, then I recommend that you read all the points in this article.

One application crashes

It is possible that this application has not yet been adapted for your version of the iPhone, and therefore crashes. This means that either you are "sitting" on the old version of iOS, or vice versa – the program itself was simply not made suitable for use on your new iOS.

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I advise you to search the Internet for compatibility of this application with a particular version of the device and solve the problem according to the information found (upgrade to a later version of iOS or wait for adaptation – in this case, I advise you to demand money to buy the application back).

Another possible option is to update this program in the App Store. It often happens that after an application update is released, its old version ceases to function (as a rule, this happens with chats, online games and social networks).

Most apps crash

No matter how trite this advice was, but still – as a rule, an elementary reboot of the iPhone helps.

As in the previous paragraph, there may be a problem with updating iOS and you should check the firmware version of the device.

In many cases, it also happens that the user recently upgraded to the latest proposed version of iOS and encountered this problem. Then you should "roll back" the firmware – return to an earlier stable version.

Applications fly out – I have Jailbreak!

As you know, independent intervention in the processes of the operating system in the iPhone and any other device (not necessarily iOS) does not guarantee its operation without “bugs” in the future. Since Cydia (a “pirated” analogue of the market) is used together with Jailbreak, and Cydia uses tweaks (“pirated” analogues of licensed programs downloaded from the market), this may be the problem.

Because Of What Applications Fly Out On The Iphone Reasons And Solutions

Not all tweaks are safe to download, not to mention that hacking a device using Jailbreak is illegal, and no one gave a guarantee that programs installed in this way do not crash.

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I advise you to remove recently installed tweaks, and ideally remove Cydia and reflash the iPhone, downloading and buying official software (believe me, there are many times less problems with it than with tweaks and Jailbreak).

The solution options described in the article help in most cases. But if you still did not get among those people whom I managed to help, do the following:

Try contacting the iPhone Support Center to find out why the program crashes in your case. To do this, go to the Apple website (, go to the “Support” tab, select your device (for example, iPhone or iPod) and in the left column of tabs click on “Contact Support”.

I advise you to recall the approximate date of purchase of the device in order to determine whether to use the “Free Support” tab (detailed information about free support and the right to provide it is contained under the heading of this tab) or contact the diagnostic center. In any case, try to make your situation as clear and complete as possible.

As you can see, solving the problem with the “crash” of applications on the iPhone is not difficult at all. I hope that my article helped you make sure of this..