Can I Find Out The Location Of A Person By Iphone

Can I Find Out The Location Of A Person By Iphone

How to determine the location of iPhone

Buying a new iPad, iPhone. always a happy event, especially if you are a fan of Apple products. Each model of a phone or tablet from Apple gives users many pleasant surprises in the form of updates to programs and games. But not everyone likes to buy good things, there are those who steal them. The joy of shopping can also quickly turn into sadness from the loss. Read below what steps to take to make it easier to find your iPhone if your phone is stolen.

Function "Find iPhone"

Immediately after buying your phone, before you put it in your bag or pocket, from where it can easily be stolen, we recommend that you set up the Find iPhone feature on your iPhone or iPad.

First, make sure that you have the geolocation function turned on in your privacy settings (Settings.> Privacy -> Geolocation).

Then activate iCloud and enable the “Find iPhone” function in System Preferences, in the iCloud tab.

Of course, this procedure does not protect you from theft, but can significantly facilitate the search for a stolen phone, namely, determine the location of the iPhone or iPad.

However, it happens that in addition to the theft skills, the thief is often well versed in phones and can easily turn off this setting, making it impossible for you to find the phone. To complicate the life of a thief, we recommend that you set a password to unlock the phone. Go to Settings – General. Password protection. Enable password.

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How to find out iPhone location

Option 1: To locate your iPhone, go to and open the Find iPhone web application.

Option 2. Launch the “Find iPhone” application on any iOS device.

If the iPhone was previously registered in iCloud, and currently has access to the Internet, the application will indicate the location of the iPhone. If the phone does not have access to the Internet, it is possible to activate a notification about the appearance of the device on the network by e-mail.

In addition to determining the location of the iPhone, iCloud service allows you to remotely erase confidential information from your Apple device, block the phone, send a message to the phone and make a loud sound, in case you think that the stolen phone is somewhere nearby.

Of course, these steps do not give a one hundred percent guarantee that you can definitely find the stolen phone. An in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of flashing the iPhone and other Apple devices by an attacker can block the iCloud application from accessing your device. If this happens, you have two options: try to find the iphone in the database of stolen Lostolen phones or write a statement to the police.