Check Internet Speed ​​On Iphone

Check Internet Speed ​​On Iphone

You can check the speed of the Internet connection on the iPhone using online services or special applications. The readings may be different, but this does not hinder at least roughly estimate the speed. After all, it’s not the numbers that matter, but the amount of time it takes to download video and audio or download files.

Speed ​​indicators

Before checking the speed of the Internet connection on your iPhone, understand the indicators that you will receive after the test. Usually there are three of them:

  • Download speed – The higher the incoming speed, the faster the pages open, the video is downloaded and the files are downloaded. This is a key indicator for normal Internet browsing.
  • Upload Speed ​​- speed of sending files to the Internet. The higher the indicator, the faster the data is transferred from the device to the server or other devices – for example, when sending a message in the messenger.
  • Ping – time in milliseconds for which data reaches the device from the server, and the answer comes. The lower the ping, the faster the exchange of data. Ping below 50 ms is an excellent indicator.

Knowing the key indicators, you can test the speed of 4G LTE on the iPhone. But first, prepare the device:

  • Close unnecessary tabs in the browser.
  • Disconnect other devices from Wi-Fi if you want to change its speed on the phone.
  • Deactivate ad blockers and other browser extensions.

After preparation, you can begin to measure the speed of your Internet connection.

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Speed ​​check

The easiest way to measure speed is to launch one of the Internet services in the browser. If you want to know only the incoming speed:

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Close the extra tabs.
  3. Go to the Fast service website.

Testing will start automatically after loading the tab. After a short wait, you will see the speed at which files are downloaded to the iPhone.

If you want more information about the connection, go to the Speedtest website. The service will automatically select a server to check and show ping, the speed of receiving and transmitting data. You can experiment with other servers – this is useful when using a proxy.

The App Store has a Speedtest app that performs the same tasks, but without launching a browser. This is convenient if you do not want to close tabs in the browser and disable extensions.

To control the quality of Speedtest’s work, you can use the 2ip service. As a result of testing, you will know the incoming and outgoing speed, as well as ping.

To consolidate the result, perform a check in Yandex.Internetometer. It is convenient in that it translates megabytes into megabytes – that is, you can quickly calculate how many seconds a file of a certain size is downloaded. For example, at a speed of 30 Mbit / s, a song in good quality will load in 2-3 seconds.

How to check Wi-Fi connection speed on iPhone? Use the tools listed above. It doesn’t matter if you use 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi – services will measure the speed of sending data to the server and receiving a response.

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Speed ​​increase

We figured out the testing, but how to increase the speed of the Internet on an iPhone? With the acceleration of mobile Internet, it’s difficult to come up with something. You can close the extra tabs in the browser and select the place where the network catches well. Also, make sure you use the fastest publicly available standard, 4G / LTE. For this:

Check Internet Speed ​​On Iphone
  1. Open the "Cellular" section in the settings.
  2. Go to the "Data Options".
  3. Select Voice & Data.
  4. Tick ​​the LTE standard.

If you are outside the LTE coverage area, check 3G to establish a stable Internet connection.

When using Wi-Fi to access the Internet, there are more opportunities to increase speed. The first way is to use an alternative DNS server:

  1. Open your Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Press the “i” button opposite the active connection.
  3. Enter the DNS from Google – or

Exit the settings and evaluate the connection speed. If nothing has changed, try OpenDNS –;

If you can configure the distribution of Wi-Fi on the router, try changing the broadcast channel. Typically, the default channel is set in the parameters, so in multi-apartment buildings and offices, routers interfere with each other transmitting a signal. Install any other channel and see if there will be a positive effect.

When using public wireless networks, it is recommended to enable the “Wi-Fi Help” option in the settings. You can activate it in the "Cellular" section on devices with iOS 9 and above, except for iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad mini.

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Wi-Fi help automatically starts mobile data transmission when the signal is critically weakened. The connection does not disappear, but simply switches. The Internet speed will not increase from this, but the stability of the connection will be higher, which is also very important.