Crop Video On Iphone

Crop Video On Iphone

Hello everyone, dear readers. In today’s post, I will make a selection of applications with which you can edit, copy or crop any video on your iPhone (any model: 4s, 5s, etc.).

Video editor is an application on your mobile iOS device, with which you can edit any video of your choice: crop, copy, delete fragments, add effects, filters, etc.

A lot of different video editors came out on the iOS operating system, but I selected only three that I use now from time to time, or which I have ever used.

So, let’s not lose a lot of time, but proceed directly to the selection itself. Meet – the best apps for editing and overlaying effects on the video in your iPhone.


In the AppStore you can download the link

A very popular and functional video editing tool on your iPhone. It has a wide range of different features useful for a particular category of application users. But, I will highlight only some, in my opinion, the most useful functions of this application:

  1. It is possible to simply trim the video using simple editing tools. Even a novice user can cope with this task;
  2. A built-in tool for creating pretty and, in a sense, professional slideshows from photos stored on your iPhone;
  3. Built-in filters that will unrecognizably transform the videos you shot on an iPhone. Filters are applied literally in one tap on the screen, everything is very simple and clear.

You can download this application from the link located above in the text.

Magisto video editor

In the AppStore you can download the link

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Another application that will help you change, crop your video. Uploaded video from the Internet or recorded video to the camera of your iPhone. Among the features and advantages of this application, I, perhaps, note the following:

Crop Video On Iphone
  1. The application is so easy to use that you can figure out how it works simply by looking at its interface;
  2. After creating the role, you can immediately share it (share) with one of the popular social networks in which you have registered accounts;
  3. Built-in effects will allow you to transform and change beyond recognition the original video clip. Everything is done in one tap on the screen.

Video editor

Another application for editing downloaded from the Internet or captured on the camera video on your iPhone. The application has a number of standard functions for such programs: copy, crop, paste, etc.. I will note some of the most interesting features:

  1. Ability to combine photos and videos. Making one of them, a colorful and interesting film;
  2. Functions for slowing down or increasing the playback speed of clips. This feature allows you to make beautiful, popular effects on the video;
  3. Built-in effects applied to the video to give it a more professional look.

That’s all for me, I hope you were able to trim the clip you need. If you have any questions about the comments on today’s topic, you can leave them in the comments on this post.. Do not forget to bookmark this site. See you in the next lessons and selections.