Details On How To Remove An Application From Iphone

Details On How To Remove An Application From Iphone

Today we decided to talk about how to remove the application from the iPhone. There are several options for how this action can be performed. If you have an iPod Touch or an iPad at your disposal, then all the instructions given for you will also become relevant and useful, since all the actions will be similar for all the devices listed. We hope that after reading the above material you will not have any questions and you will be able to delete applications that you do not need.


We decided to start this article with a short introduction. This information for the most part will be relevant for beginners, who recently began to get acquainted with Apple devices. Remember that all the icons with applications, including this applies to games, are located on the desktop. There you can notice not only the programs you have installed, but also the standard ones. Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove the applications present by default, since they are part of the Apple iOS operating system. If you still try to do this, you can only bring your device to malfunction. Programs are recommended to be deleted only those that you previously installed, of course, if at all required. How on "Iphone" you probably know to close applications, but if you want to find out what methods exist for the complete removal of certain content from the device, then read our article to the end.

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Cleaning process

Let’s start with the most common method that answers the question of how to remove games from the iPhone. In fact, this method is suitable for cleaning up any installed applications, but before engaging in such a procedure, we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructions given.

Go to your desktop on your device, and then touch the icon of the game that we want to delete. The touch should be continuous until all the icons begin to move. But when all the characters shook, you should proceed to the next step. Now the task is to select the program or game that you want to delete, for this, click the cross in the upper corner of the icon. Next, the operating system will require you to confirm the clearing of the game or application. Be sure to remember that after deleting a certain content all its data will also be permanently deleted. For example, even if you choose the best applications on iPhone and want to delete them, all the information related to them, for example achievements in games, will also disappear with them.

No updates

By the way, this method can be used not only to remove unnecessary programs or games that are on the desktop, but also to clear the contents located in the folders you created. If you use the old firmware and have not yet been updated, then when you get rid of any application, the system will require you to evaluate the content on a five-point scale. In principle, you yourself can decide what your voice will be. If you don’t remember the name of a particular program, and you need to find out what the application name for “iPhone” is, which you previously wanted to remove, then the method will be used to solve this issue, which will be described below.

Details On How To Remove An Application From Iphone


In the second method, we will tell you how to correctly remove applications using the standard settings section. Before using this method, you definitely need to find out which firmware is currently installed on your device, since this method is only suitable for iOS 5 and above. If you still don’t know how to remove the application from iPhone, then this option will definitely suit you, as it is very simple and does not require special skills and a lot of time. The first thing you need to do is launch the “Settings”, and then go to the special section called “Basic”, however, you will quickly find it. Next, you should select the “Statistics” item, and there you can see all installed applications. Including will also be highlighted and standard programs. In order to learn how to remove the application from the iPhone, you will definitely need to get into this section, so read all the points carefully.

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Regular use

In the "Statistics" section, you can see not only the names of applications, but also the volume they occupy in the system. Naturally, if your device’s memory is full, you need to free it, and the above method is the most convenient for this, since the system will select the applications that you use least often, and from this list you can already choose unnecessary ones. As you can see, the question of how to remove the application from the iPhone is very simple, and now you know two popular ways to conduct this operation.