EarMaster Pro 7 – a worthy replacement for a music school – AppStudio Project

EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

To argue that it is burdensome for a musician to study musical notation and musical theory in general, only a layer of people who call to drop out of school in order to achieve success is capable, because they look at Jobs, Gates and other great personalities. It is certainly possible to recharge music from an ethereal source, however it is accessible to units, while the rest should master the tricks of the musical staff, recognize notes and chords by ear, be able to record their own compositions and be friends with rhythm. What will help the old program Earmaster, which has been growing for a very long time seventh version acquired the appearance of a full-fledged music school, capable of eliminating the musical illiteracy of any user, as well as providing additional courses for the development of certain areas of creativity.

In addition to the review, we will distribute several codes for EarMaster training courses on iOS. Yes, the program has become widespread on all popular platforms, so now you can train even on the road using a tablet.

If EarMaster Pro 7 If a newcomer starts, then we, of course, will recommend choosing the “Beginner’s Course”, leaving the sections “Master Classes”, “Jazz Workshops” and “Individual Exercises” until better times, or for more experienced musicians. Although the same "Beginner’s Course" will be useful for absolutely everyone to refresh their knowledge or fill in certain gaps.

EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

Let’s see what the Beginner’s Course offers. At his disposal is a classic set, which is given at solfeggio lessons in music schools. They will tell you about intervals, pitch, duration, enlighten about rhythm, measures and patterns, without undue fears they will outline frets, chords and much, much more. The main question is not what exactly the application contains, but how it presents the material. Training is the trump card EarMaster Pro 7. Just imagine how many years all exercises were retouched!

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EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

When choosing intervals, you begin to remember how several notes sound, how they are indicated, and only then the ears randomly catch them from songs or in the learning process. Then comes the rhythm and tasks of tapping notes (using a space on the keyboard), including pauses and observance of the measure size. You will knock on your own, or guess the drawings of the one who is knocking on the background, independently arrange notes and simultaneously remember all the notation. Regardless of whether the user wants to put the luggage of musical theory into his attic, he will do it intuitively!

Get ready to sing. No one says that EarMaster Pro 7 He will professionally teach vocals and put his voice, but you can safely say: after completing the course, the student will not need alcohol to receive the title of karaoke king, because he will be able to sing by notes and recognize them. In almost every task, you will have a ritual for the liberation of the inner Penkin or Pavarotti, for example, singing melodies, singing from the sheet and reading melodies.

At the end of each there is a small test work, which includes squeezing the material that has already been passed, and at the very end, the compilers of the program threw an armful of test exercises that can be addressed at any stage of the study, including to ask oneself for a challenge.

EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

The most interesting thing starts when your hands itch to do something else after a confidently completed “Beginner’s Course”. Why not master the melodic dictation by playing musical drawings on a virtual instrument? Perhaps it is better to polish the sense of rhythm in additional exercises? Anyway, get into the "Master Classes" and enjoy.

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EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

Desperate users can challenge jazz in “Jazz Workshops”, where the creators have posted scripts such as determining chords, chord sequences, and rhythm and melodic dictations. There can be no jazz without chords, and this section focuses on them.

But knowledge of chords is easy to pull up in individual exercises, the last section. Here all the tasks of the basic course are collected in a heap, but at a more advanced level, and even here they allow you to set any parameters you want. Compare, define and sing intervals, define chords, learn sequences and appeals, deal with frets (especially Satanism) and do not forget about the rhythm. Never forget the rhythm!

EarMaster Pro 7 It is perceived as a way of entertainment, and not a serious program that seeks to beat a student with a wooden ruler for any flaw. This is a kind of game from many levels, and reaching the last, you will not just contemplate on the credits – you will pump your ears, develop singing or pick it up from the bottom, you will acquire a set of skills that allow you to play in a musical group or comfortably compose / select songs.

For added comfort, we advise you to go over the settings to select the notation, the instrument used, the sound of the metronome, the MIDI device, if necessary, and twist the other desired parameters. We tested the application with all the standard options and never frowned. Critics deserve only the roughness of the design, but it’s easy to forget about them when you rejoice in success in the musical field!

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Distribution of promo codes

Desktop version EarMaster Pro 7 Mac or PC costs 60 euros, which is equivalent to about 5,000 rubles. This is a one-time purchase that provides all courses and support. There is an alternative study option – the free version EarMaster for iOS, to which courses are bought separately. For her we want to give out 3 promo codes for the free download of “Beginners Course”. We will send them to the smartest users who will send a message with the subject “EarMaster” through the feedback form.

EarMaster Pro 7 - a worthy replacement for a music school - AppStudio Project

You should also pay attention to a very affordable subscription of 3 Euro / month, which provides access to EarMaster training on all supported devices.