Fast Charging Galaxy S8 And S8 Becomes Irrelevant When The Display Is Active

Fast Charging Galaxy S8 And S8 Becomes Irrelevant When The Display Is Active

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 + smartphones went on sale three weeks ago. Over the specified period, the new owners managed to find some serious flaws. At first, users complained about the unnaturally red tint of the display, which the South Korean manufacturer subsequently eliminated through a firmware update. Then Samsung was forced to respond to the dissatisfaction of the owners of the Galaxy S8 with a weak Wi-Fi signal. This shortcoming was also eliminated due to an unplanned OTA update. Now, the owners of flagship devices complain about the problems with the fast charging of smartphones.

The charger supplied with the Galaxy S8 has 9 V / 1.6 A and 5 V / 2 A output parameters, which ensures compliance with the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 standard. Under ideal conditions, the battery indicator with a capacity of 3000 mAh for the Samsung Galaxy S8 reaches a 100 percent value in just 1 hour 37 minutes. However, it is not always possible to achieve such a result. If the gadget is at rest, then the user must keep within 100 minutes to fully charge the Galaxy S8. However, if the smartphone’s display continues to be active for even resource-intensive tasks, the duration of the “fast charge” procedure is doubled.

It is only necessary to rely on the technology of fast charging provided that the Galaxy S8 will remain inactive for the entire declared time. Otherwise, you will have to spend much more time on charging.

In order to understand whether the fast charging technology stalls when the screen is active, Samsung Galaxy S8 was tested. The resulting results, frankly, were not encouraging. So, the stages of charging a smartphone with its parallel use were divided into the following time periods:

Fast Charging Galaxy S8 And S8 Becomes Irrelevant When The Display Is Active
  • 10 minutes – 7%;
  • 20 minutes – 17%;
  • 30 min – 22%;
  • 40 min – 34%;
  • 50 min – 39%;
  • 60 minutes – 45%;
  • 70 min – 50%;
  • 80 min – 55%;
  • 90 min – 61%;
  • 100 min – 66%;
  • 110 min – 72%;
  • 120 min – 77%;
  • 130 min – 82%;
  • 140 min – 88%;
  • 150 min – 93%;
  • 160 min – 97%;
  • 170 min – 99%;
  • 171 min – 100%.
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In total, the test process of charging the Galaxy S8 took 2 hours 51 minutes, which against the background of the promised 1 hour and 37 minutes can hardly be called an error and compensation for the energy consumption of the active display. For comparison, the ZTE Blade V8 Pro smartphone, equipped with a 3140 mAh battery, under the same conditions, but with the playback of YouTube video, coped with the task in just 1 hour 32 minutes.