Free Up Memory On The Phone Huawei Honor 4c

Free Up Memory On The Phone Huawei Honor 4c

Not always, acquiring a new, modern, elegant smartphone, you can get what you expect. Many models have some kind of hidden defects, the existence of which you often find out only after buying the device or after a certain time of its operation. This is also true for Honor 4C.

The most common of these problems is that the Honor 4C is out of memory. You install a variety of programs and video games, and after a while the system reports a lack of space. When you start to understand, it turns out that the internal memory of the system is full, and at the same time it does not want to save files to the memory card.

Why does the Honor 4C system not install and save applications, video games and programs for all types of memory, although the settings are set correctly, there are permissions, checkboxes are displayed where necessary – “Install and save software on the drive”? Why does the system still require freeing the device’s memory? At such moments, you involuntarily begin to regret that you did not purchase a smartphone with a large memory capacity of 16, 32, and even better 64 gigabytes.

Is there a solution to the memory problem? Exist! There are certain features, knowing which, you can optimize the memory of your phone, and we will tell you about them in detail now.

Removing standard applications

If Huawei Honor 4C does not have enough memory, then the first thing to do is to remove the standard applications that you do not need. Despite the fact that Android does not allow you to delete most of the preinstalled programs, some of them can still be erased through the settings:

Transfer to SD card

If there is not enough Honor 4C memory, then you can transfer some programs to an external micro-SD card. It should be noted that not all software can be transported to the drive. However, updating the regular Android 4.4 to Android 6, you can transfer a lot more programs to the memory card.

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For example, Bluemail in Android 4.4 is installed only on the internal memory, and after updating the OS to version 6 it can be transferred to the drive.

Note! Certain applications will not function from the card, so they must be removed and replaced with similar ones.

Delete temporary files, etc.

If, despite the above steps, there is still not enough internal memory for the Honor 4C, then you can delete the temporary files. These include Google’s cache and application history.

These files can be deleted in the "Smartphone Manager", Key"System optimization". You can get into this window from the setup menu: "Advanced / Memory / Cleaning".

Applications like Disk (Google Drive), OneDrive use a cache to speed up their functioning. Cleaning and checking the dimensions here, as a rule, is carried out in the application settings. You go to the settings of these programs and check or clear the cache.

Google app history

Google programs can also take up a lot of valuable megabytes of data – and the search history and many other things that can be deleted.

To clear Google’s search data, go to "Settings", Select the section"Applications"There -"Google app"-"Memory"-"Place management"-"Delete everything".

To clean Google Play server storage go to "Settings", at "Appendices"Choose"Google Play Services", And further"Memory"-"Place management"-"Delete everything".


Efficiently clean the phone’s memory by resetting the settings. During this procedure, the device returns to its original position, while cache files and others are deleted. How to clear Huawei 4C with a reset? This is done in the following sequence:

  1. Backing up data from your phone using the Huawei Backup application on your smartphone or HiSuite on your PC.
  2. Reset settings on the phone.
  3. Data recovery on the device from the created backup.
  4. Backup on smartphone. Implemented in an application called "Backups Huawei / Huawei Backup". A copy is saved on the memory card.
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Backup in HiSuite

Install the HiSuite utility from the developer’s Internet resource. To connect to a smartphone, first activate HDB access. Then click on "Reservation". HiSuite app allows you to choose what to include in the backup. It’s best to activate everything except contacts from Exchange.


You can reset the settings in the smartphone menu, through the menu "Reset". Then the phone deletes all user data, settings, applications and performs a reboot. It will be necessary to set the parameters for connecting to WI-FI, Google account on a new one, choose the language and region.

The reset process takes about 10 minutes, after which you will have 3.25 Gb of free memory.


Recovery takes place in two stages:

  1. Everything is restored, except for Exchange contacts and applications that must be stored on the micro-SD card. At the first stage, 1.5–2 Gb will be freed.
  2. At the second stage, programs that should be stored on a memory card with manual transfer are restored, since HiSuite restores all software to the internal memory of the device. The second step will allow you to get 700-800 additional megabytes.

However, not everything will be restored. In particular, you may find that you have:

Free Up Memory On The Phone Huawei Honor 4c
  • All SMS are gone;
  • The settings of almost all available programs have been reset;
  • Contacts have lost touch with melodies;
  • All available phone settings have been reset.

So you have to spend a lot of time restoring the previous settings manually.

AVG Cleane

The main disadvantages of the Honor 4C are the lack of memory. A special utility for Android smartphones called AVG Cleane will help solve this problem. With it, you can not only clean your gadget, but also significantly increase the battery life.

AVG Cleane makes it possible to synchronize the applications available on the phone so that you can decide which programs should be left and which ones should be disposed of. For example, you can find utilities that have not been used for a long time and delete them. The system also provides information on programs that help to quickly discharge the battery and reduce performance. Data on storage utilization is also displayed in the AWG Wedge.

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If necessary, the utility can notify you about which programs should be removed and how to speed up the system. AVG Wedge from within easily launches a batch uninstall of several applications at once. By removing unnecessary software that constantly works in the background, you can not only free up valuable space on your own phone, but also speed up a variety of system processes and save battery power.

The benefits of AVG Cleane are not limited to increasing power by removing programs. The functions of cleaning the cache, calls, history, messages and the auto-cleaning mechanism allows you to eliminate file junk and unnecessary data with one touch.

SD Maid

Huawei Honor 4C is constantly out of memory. To effectively solve this problem, we recommend downloading the SD Maid utility on the official website of the developer. With the help of this powerful tool for smartphones based on the Android OS, you can clean the system of unnecessary files, unnecessary programs, lags and other garbage.

The application includes tools for finding folders and files that take up too much space on the memory card.

SD Maid allows you to:

Run automatically on schedule or through widgets;

  • Find duplicate documents, music, photographs, regardless of their location or name;
  • To carry out cleaning and removal of unnecessary files;
  • Optimize existing databases;
  • Receive data on the memory status of your device;
  • Find files according to date, content, name;
  • Find files that remain from remote programs;
  • Manage existing system and user applications;
  • Manage existing files through Explorer;
  • View everything that is on your device.

You can use SD Maid only if you have root privileges. Otherwise, the set of its functions will be extremely limited.