Galaxy S8 Is Quickly Discharged Do Not Rush To Change The Battery!

Galaxy S8 Is Quickly Discharged Do Not Rush To Change The Battery!

Samsung Galaxy S8 initially holds a good battery charge, but you always want more! And most importantly, this “greater” is still achievable. Let’s see what can be done so that your new flagship from Samsung stops discharging quickly, and the battery lasts for a long battery life. Go!

Reasons to quickly discharge Samsung Galaxy S8

There are a lot of them 🙂 Starting from software, and ending with "iron" – marriage. Let’s start with those that the user can influence:

  1. Enabled wireless connections when you are not using them. All these Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth – even in a state of rest, slowly "eat off" the charge. Therefore, whenever possible, try to turn them off.
  2. Unsure reception of a mobile network – if you see that the connection is constantly "jumping" and switching from 2G to 3G or LTE, it is better to go into the settings and specify one preferred network. So the device will cease to “cling” to a thin thread of a higher-speed connection. To save energy, we recommend only 2G. Of course, as soon as the opportunity arises, you should switch back – the Internet in 2G networks is very slow and you will not get pleasure from using the Galaxy S8 in this mode.
  3. "Always ON" mode. When activated, the device display displays information even during a lock. From our own experience, we can note that sometimes it does not behave very adequately and at some point it eats up a charge so well. Therefore, sometimes it is worth abandoning its use.
  4. The brightness of the screen and its operating time without action. Agree that you can always make the display a little dimmer and set it to turn off automatically after 15 seconds, and not after 1-2 minutes. And unforgettable about auto brightness – this parameter is better to set manually.
  5. Energy intensive applications. Although, it’s worth starting with those that you don’t use at all – delete them. Next, in the settings of your Galaxy S8, go to the battery section and see which programs consume the most energy – stop those that are not needed at the moment. Oh yes, the most important thing is to uninstall the integrated FaceBook application. That’s where the "maximum evil" in terms of negative impact on the battery 🙂
  6. The maximum screen resolution. Yes, the “eighth galaxy” has the ability to adjust the display resolution – of course, if you set the maximum characteristics to 2960 × 1440 pixels (WQHD +), then the smartphone will discharge faster. In order to save power, be more modest – 1480 × 720 (HD +) is enough to sit out without energy for a while.
  7. Multi-colored and moving wallpaper. How did they interfere? Well, moving pictures put extra stress on the processor. And as for color … the Galaxy S8 uses a display made using Amoled technology, for this type of screen the most “painless” color (in terms of electricity) is black. Put a completely black wallpaper – you will see a noticeable difference in energy consumption.
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Of course, you should not exclude things like factory defective batteries. In this case, the only right decision is to contact an authorized service center.

Galaxy S8 quickly discharges – what more can be done

To all of the above, it is worth noting that sometimes with all troubles and quick discharge, a normal reboot helps very well. Yes, it sounds so-so, but occasionally Android can catch some kind of “glitch” and start strongly (most importantly – for no reason) to “eat” the battery. Rebooting brings it to life (for fidelity, you can clear the cache of applications and programs).

Galaxy S8 Is Quickly Discharged Do Not Rush To Change The Battery!

Plus, Samsung has integrated two power-saving modes in the firmware of its flagship. You can find them all in the same place – in the battery settings.

Moreover, they are fully customizable – you yourself are free to choose what to limit your Galaxy S8 so that it does not discharge quickly. And these modes are really a cool feature. Because it is not always possible to do everything that we have already listed – and here, with the inclusion of the mode, many resource-intensive processes are turned off and several hours of battery life are added.

Well, instead of the afterword: we already wrote about how to extend the life of the Galaxy S8 battery – read it, there are also sensible tips that can protect the smartphone from instant discharge.