Glue42 and Iress allow merchants and wealth managers to create a hyper-personalized user experience

Glue42 Iress connector automates and optimizes trading workflows to increase efficiency for business and technology users

NEW YORK, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Glue42the company that provides integrated desktop experiences for financial institutions worldwide, and Irene (IRE.ASX) are teaming up to optimize the user experience for traders and wealth managers using the Iress (IOS+) ordering system by automating the workflow between IOS+ and other common applications on the financial desktop. With actionable insights now at their fingertips, users can gain a competitive advantage and create a hyper-personalized experience for their own customers.

IOS+ is a comprehensive trading and risk management software solution for global markets. Thanks to integration with Glue42, Iress users can seamlessly interact with applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Teams, Bloomberg and Virtu Analytics.

Russell ThorntonHead of Trading Strategy, Iress, said: “Our clients are inundated with information and as we evolve with their needs, it is imperative that the Iress ordering system works in harmony with other applications in the financial office. In isolation there is a limit because to what can be achieved and therefore allowing Iress to participate in cross-application workflows just made sense.”

“Glue42 helps us stay connected with other systems used by our customers,” he continued. “It’s about enabling business and technology users to be more efficient and productive. Glue42’s desktop integration platform is helping us realize our vision at scale and in a cost-effective way. It’s a situation win-win for everyone.”

As part of this partnership, Glue42 has developed an Iress connector, a black box based on its enterprise solution that optimizes Iress IOS by accelerating trading workflows and enabling “click to sync”, a data synchronization with a single click between the Iress platform and other applications.

Common use cases include integration with popular applications on the trading desk to accelerate time to market, enable greater customization and increased efficiency, placing critical information at the fingertips of the trader. ‘user.

Technically, the Iress connector allows technology teams to eliminate lengthy point-to-point integration projects. As a result, our customers can implement solutions in days, not months.

The connector responds to continued customer demand and is available through the Glue42 Appliance Store, a concept that brings pre-packaged commercial components that support the rapid integration of two or more applications, to the modern trading desk. The store currently has 30 connectors across the business lifecycle that can be combined to create a myriad of different devices.

Reena RaichuraDirector, Head of Product Solutions, Glue42, said, “Many financial industry vendors are embarking on a digital journey by modernizing and redesigning their own platforms. Our goal is to facilitate this process and help suppliers connect with other third parties. third-party or in-house applications in a timely manner. In doing so, we want to ensure that we remove all technological constraints, so that our partners are better equipped throughout their digital transformation journey.

“More so, as financial institutions select the best applications for their financial desktop platform, we want to ensure that fintech providers have a clear desktop integration strategy, so that their applications remain relevant in the business ecosystem,” she continued.

For more information, watch this video: Click to Sync: sharing instrument data between Iress and Bloomberg.

Notes to Editors
Examples of concrete Iress connector scenarios:

  • click for pre-trade: Provide pre-trade transaction cost analysis via Virtu Analytics for a selected order at the point of execution.
  • discuss to exchange: Chat being an essential part of a trader’s communication channel and execution workflow, the connector allows orders and tenders from Microsoft Teams to be captured directly in the Iress IOS and be MiFID II compliant.
  • click to sync to instrument: Allowing one-click access for a helicopter view of the market microstructure (e.g. Bloomberg) at any point in the trading lifecycle for investment ideas and best execution.
  • click to sync on client: Allowing one-click access through Salesforce for a highly personalized view of a customer’s contact information, meeting notes, interests, and order history for more informed customer conversations.

About Glue42
Glue42 enables organizations to create intelligent desktops that support configurable workflows between web and desktop applications. Its integration platform seamlessly and securely orchestrates user interface and data and leverages open source initiatives such as FINOS FDC3 to reduce application delivery times and accelerate return on investment. The company is based in London, new Yorkand Bulgaria. With over 35,000 licenses, its software is deployed in leading financial institutions around the world.

About Iress
Iress (IRE.ASX) is a technology company providing software to the financial services industry. We provide software and services for business and market data, financial advice, investment management, mortgages, pensions, life and pensions and data intelligence.
Our software is used by more than 10,000 companies and 500,000 users worldwide. We have over 2,250 people based in Asia Pacific, North America, Africathe UK and Europe.

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