HDFC Mutual Fund extends its #BarniSeAzadi campaign

In front of India 75eOn Independence Day, HDFC Mutual Fund, one of India’s largest mutual funds, extended its #BarniSeAzadi campaign – first launched in 2021 – to promote women’s financial independence. Through this campaign, the company urges women to free their money from traditional savings methods and invest in mutual funds (MFs), to give their hard-earned money a chance to grow. This campaign reiterates the importance of a conscious effort to create financial awareness.

The campaign is based on the idea that Indians have always saved money in traditional instruments like Barnis, Lockers, FDs etc. understand the difference between saving and investing. By focusing on women, it raises awareness of the need to let money grow freely in instruments such as mutual funds.

As part of this campaign, HDFC Mutual Fund has undertaken many activities like a radio campaign with Radio Nasha and Fever FM hosted by RJ Rohini to raise awareness about women’s financial independence. Through this, the RJs started conversations about challenges women face, strategies to pursue, how to start an investment journey, and more. HDFC MF received cheering turnout at their event in Dadar, Mumbai for their special women’s event.

In addition, HDFC Mutual Fund is organizing a very unique outdoor activity, in which a gigantic barni will be installed near Bandra carter road through 13e at 15e August 2022, where the company will take the women’s pledge to no longer put their money in barnis and use the appropriate instrument to grow their money.

HDFC MF has also held a national webinar for women and each branch of HDFC MF will host at least one field event during this month inviting women to understand MF and engage BarniSeAzadi.

Dolores W. Simon