How To Block All Unknown Numbers On Iphone

How To Block All Unknown Numbers On Iphone

We’ll immediately clarify that this service will not work when sending an SMS message – it applies only to calls.

How to hide the number when making calls from iPhone?

Often, many users want to resort to hiding their phone number when calling a subscriber. Like mobile operators, the developers of the iOS platform also provided such an opportunity. In just a few steps, iPhone owners will be able to disable automatic number identification for other users they will call.

This, of course, is not as attractive as viewing a real number, so your recipient may refuse to answer a call that you manually blocked. Of course, we will never get it, because although we continue to work as users on the server, our smartphone will not be compatible. We touch on the “Messages” option.

We will go down to mark 1 and click on the flag to change the country and choose ours. After you have chosen our country, enter our phone number and click "Send code". Enter the code in section 2, in the "Confirmation code" field. You want your number to be hidden in all outgoing calls without thinking about how to do it every time.

As an example, consider hiding a number on iOS 7. Go to the settings of our device and select the “Phone” menu. After that we can see the option “Show number”. We enter it and set the switch to the inactive position. This will hide our phone number. Now everyone we call will see the phrase “Unknown number” instead of our name / number. Recall that when sending messages this will not work.

How to anonymize your call if the operator is MTS?

Moreover, you would like to get rid of the combination # 31 #, which you must prefix to the numbers you are calling. Thus, you will no longer need to enter the number combination # 31 # for each individual call. Having said that, if you agree, you just need to start. Or you may not want to answer because you do not know "who is on the other side." You do not need to repeat the combination # 31 # every time you call it. To continue, turn on the phone and open it. Then open the Phone app and press the Menu button.

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If you hide the number in the iPhone this way, then, as in the case with, there is no 100% guarantee that this will work. In this regard, it is recommended to additionally find out whether our mobile operator provides such a service.

We hide the number when calling in iPhone: the service of a mobile operator

If we are a Beeline subscriber, we can turn off the automatic determination of our number by other subscribers, as well as activate the caller ID ourselves. This service is activated when the SIM card is activated at most tariffs. You can connect the determinant yourself by dialing the combination * 110 * 061 # and pressing the call button.

If your phone does not have it, find and click the three-dot icon. Then select the “Settings” option. In this section, go to the Call Settings section and click Advanced Settings. At this point, find the Outgoing Number option, tap and select Hide Number.

If you do not find the “Hide number” option, it may happen that your smartphone has a different name. However, after setting it up, make sure that your number is really hidden. Try making a call and see if this number is invisible. It should appear on the Unknown phone on the phone that is receiving the call.

If we need to hide our number for other subscribers on Beeline, we will need to activate a service called “Anti-identifier”. To do this, dial * 110 * 071 # with a call key. To disable the service, dial * 110 * 070 #.

A feature of this service is the ability to independently manage it. For example, if we call a person when the service is connected and we want him to see our number, we should dial * 31 # and the number of this subscriber without spaces.

If you can not call with anonymous

If you cannot call with an anonymous account or you do not find the option described anywhere, you expect that you will not miss it. First check that you can do this with the # 31 # combination. To find out, call the call center and ask for more information. There are several reasons why you may ask. By default, your number is displayed on the phones of those you call. Thus, anyone can trace your identity. Sometimes, however, you may not want this to happen.

Beeline company also offers such an interesting service as the identification of a hidden number. It is also activated through a USSD request or on the site.

The operator of MTS also offers a number hiding service. It is called the Anti-Identifier, or Anti-AON. The service is available to all subscribers of the company. You can connect it by dialing * 111 * 46 # and pressing the call button.

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So you are looking for a solution that will allow you, right? Then do not waste more time, let’s start right away. Moreover, because the people you call can or any other smartphone that they own. Therefore, you cannot contact them. The first. Use a universal dialing code. You will learn more about these procedures below.

Choose and apply what you like. If you are interested in doing this from time to time, use the code for the keyboard. This is a universal digital combination, which, if inserted at the beginning of the recipient’s number, makes the number of callers invisible. However, keep in mind that this depends on the country in which you are located. For the UK and Ireland, you must enter the code 141.

Often there are situations when you need to call someone, but do not want the subscriber to be identified. Many cell phone owners do not know how to anonymize their iPhone number. Most of the users turn to the Apple manufacturer with the question: "How to hide the number on the iPhone?" From those support we get a positive answer. It turns out that the phone has such a function. hide numbers. The official Apple website provides instructions for everyone to hide the number on the iPhone.

How to anonymize your own call?

From Hong Kong, you must apply code 133. If you cannot, call the telephone for assistance. Alternatively, use the following method. From now on, you can call it anonymously. If so, ask for help. This should work the same. Maybe you might be interested.

Phone Number Setting

Now you can activate the just configured phone number on other devices.

Delete phone number

Have you ever had someone call you, and instead of the number or name is the inscription "Hidden Numbers"? Perhaps someone is trying to play a trick on you? How can you find out an anonymous person using your gadget. In fact, everything is very simple and is done with a few clicks of buttons.

  • Go to the "Settings".
  • Go to the "Phone" section.
  • Then, in the option "Show numbers".
How To Block All Unknown Numbers On Iphone

How to find out incoming hidden numbers in iPhone 5s in just a few minutes?

For example, the user does not give his contacts, but asks for yours. What to do in this case and determine who called? This happens when a person does not want to provide personal information about himself and calls from a hidden number. One of the options for identifying an unknown subscriber is to install Tele-2 application program on your device. This mobile operator provides customers with many services, including the definition of anonymous calls.

  • First you need to download the application to your phone.
  • We open the program.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • After authorization, all information about your tariff, incoming and outgoing calls, SMS within the network, and Internet traffic is opened.
  • Next, we go into the menu and see many functions: “Services”, “Question-answer”, “News”, “Salon addresses”, “Contacts”, “Applications”.
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But, we are interested in the item "Detailing". We click on it and a submenu opens in front of us. It includes the following buttons: “All”, “Voice”, “SMS / MMS”, “Internet traffic”. Here, you need to select the column "Voice". In other words, when calling from a hidden phone, this item will display all incoming hidden calls. With this application you can always call back or define an anonymous call.

How to anonymize your own call?

In order to hide in the network and make the call secret, you need to activate the service “Call Identifier”. This option is offered to its subscribers by the mobile operator Beeline. Clients of this operator can always take advantage of this offer. By connecting to this function, you can see on your phone display all incoming calls of other users. This option is automatically connected to most SIM cards, but if, for some reason, it does not work, then you can connect manually. So, in order for the anti-predecessor to keep you from being recognized by other subscribers, dial * 110 * 071 # “call” or 067409071 “call”. You can always disable this service by dialing * 110 * 070 # “call”. Also, you can always ask about the status of this service by dialing * 110 * 09 # “call”.

How to call from a hidden phone number?

To get started, you need to go to "Settings" and click on the "Calls" button. But, in some models of iPhones there is no line “Calls”. This problem can be easily solved. To do this:

  • Go to the phone
  • Click “Call Settings”
  • Then, highlight “Advanced Options”.

After waiting a bit, the item “Caller ID” appears on the screen, inside which there are a number of buttons: "Default", "Hide number", "Show numbers". We need to select “Hide number”.

How to anonymize your call if the operator is MTS?

Almost all mobile operators offer their subscribers to set the function to hide their call. MTS not an exception.

To do this, dial * 111 * 46 # “call” in the call line. After processing the request, a notification appears on the display: "The application has been sent, wait for the SMS message about registration. After a few minutes, the answer appears that the anti-detection of incoming calls is activated on your phone.