How To Create A Video From A Photo With Music On An Iphone

How To Create A Video From A Photo With Music On An Iphone

Each photo has its own story. If you combine several pictures into one video from a trip, from a memorable meeting or a walk, decorated with music, you get an author’s masterpiece. Memories will be many times brighter and more pleasant. Let’s figure out how to make a video from a photo with music.

Built-in feature on iOS 10

If the iPhone is upgraded to iOS 10, then creating a small movie from photos is pretty simple. Here you don’t even have to edit anything manually: the built-in function will do everything itself (!). So let’s get started:

  • Open the "Gallery".
  • At the bottom of the screen we see “Memories”.
  • Choose one of the proposed.
  • Determine the "mood" of the clip.
  • We watch the finished video.

But if it suddenly happens that the automatic clip does not like, this can be fixed. When creating “Memories” from personal photos, the user changes the background music, selects a photo, increases or decreases the speed of broadcasting pictures, and adjusts the duration of the clip.

Program for creating slide shows

To get more opportunities in creating video from photos with music, it is recommended to download a special application from the AppStore. For example, consider the Perfect Video video editor.

The program offers pro- and regular versions. The first includes a wide list of features, but it is "for the money." To create a slide show, many have a free account.

This program differs from “Memories” in that it offers the following features:

  • Insert text, subtitles.
  • Select the format of the created videos.
  • Cropping pictures.
  • Adding watermarks.
  • Self-selection of the desired "piece" of the melody.
  • Sound effects, transitions.
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The downloaded application helps to create more fine-tuning the video clip.

Work algorithm

When launched, at the bottom of the screen there will be a mini-menu consisting of three items:

  • Add videos or photos.
  • Write a text.
  • Pick up a song.
How To Create A Video From A Photo With Music On An Iphone

The following functions are available during editing:

  • circumcision;
  • resizing;
  • adding subtitles;
  • file size change
  • adjustment of the speed of the work;
  • Select effects for shots and transitions.

To overlay sound on the video, in the corresponding section, select one of two options: “Select your own track from the playlist” or “Record sound”.

After all the edits, review the result, and then export and save it as a video. The film is easily launched from the "Gallery". You can share it with friends.


If you need a simple editor without additional functions, the built-in “Gallery”, available with iOS 10, is suitable. It is simple, but it has all the basic functions. Create a video from photos using the editor will work without problems.

But if it turned out that the device with the iOS version is lower or you need advanced functions to create clips from photos, it is better to download one of the free applications from the AppStore. Programs differ only in the number of functions provided.