How To Deal With The Fast Discharge Of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

How To Deal With The Fast Discharge Of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

In the world that surrounds us, there is nothing perfect. And this statement has the most direct relation to the sphere of mobile technologies, with market leaders stepping on the same rake with enviable constancy, completely refusing to learn from their own mistakes. Therefore, the situation when a technically perfect flagship turns off from exhaustion in 3-4 hours has become a sad norm. Take, for example, the commercially successful Galaxy line – the flagship models of the South Korean corporation Samsung. The same S6 / S6 edge, with its peak hardware specifications, can boast of a more than modest 2550 (2600 mAh) battery, which is critically small with such a powerful filling. What if your pet can’t live to see the end of the day? Is there any way to “extend the life” of Galaxy smartphones from a single charge? Let’s get it right.

Disable unnecessary services

Android built-in features

Android OS takes care of customers, but in a rather peculiar way. Because in the startup of most smartphones by default there are many services whose usefulness for users is doubtful. So, what can you turn off without any fear?

Analysis with Wakelock Detector

Special instructions: Root access is desirable.

This wonderful utility works in tandem with the system Battery Stats API and allows you to find out which background processes give a large load on the battery of Samsung Galaxy. The interface is intuitive, and the numerous graphs for each application will quickly bring the problem program to clean water. And if you activate the advanced mode, you can easily manipulate system processes.

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Adjust display settings

The stunning Super-AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 5.1 inches and a resolution of 2560×1440 (for Samsung Galaxy S6) pixels is wonderful, but not if you have to pay for such luxuries with autonomy. Unfortunately, in some models of smartphones included in the Galaxy line, automatic brightness adjustment does not always work correctly, giving an excessively bright picture. Therefore, you can count on 30-60 “extra” minutes if you lower this parameter to the minimum acceptable values ​​for you.

We configure the energy saving scheme

Many owners do not get their hands on such a "trifle", but in vain. After spending 20-30 minutes once, you can “stretch” the battery without any side effects. In the above figure, the maximum processor speed (“CPU power saving”) is limited, a special display mode (“Screen power saving”) is turned on, and the improved tactile communication system (“Turn off haptic feedback”) is deactivated. As a result, your Galaxy will not turn into a long-liver, but you will be able to get a certain increase in battery autonomy.

Clean RAM

Imagine the situation: you launched a 3-dimensional toy in the subway, and when you reached the desired station, turn off the screen and put the smartphone in your bag. Theoretically, background processes should not have any significant effect on autonomy, but in real life this is not entirely true. Therefore, make it a rule to remove unnecessary programs from RAM. The above applies not only to games, but also to cartographic GPS services, music players and utilities for reading electronic books.

We clean and reinstall the system

With prolonged and active use of the smartphone, a large amount of digital junk inevitably accumulates in the OS. In addition to slowing down, this can reduce battery life. A good way to get rid of both problems is a complete reset and flashing. How can I do that?

  • Option 1. Go to the menu "Settings" / "Accounts" / "Archiving and reset." After that, first tap on the button "Reset device", and then – "Delete everything."
  • Option 2. Samsung Galaxy must be turned off first. Then, at the same time, we hold down the hardware buttons “Volume +”, the central one and the on, and as soon as the company logo appears, release them. In the menu that appears, select “wipe data / factory reset” (use the “Volume +” and “Volume -” buttons for navigation), and the power button to select it. In the next window, find the line “Yes – delete all user data”. When the process is complete, select the first item “reboot system now”.
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Attention! Both options will destroy all your data, including your address book. You should also understand that the slightest mistake can lead to serious consequences, after which the smartphone will have to be carried to the service center. Be extremely careful!

Limit the appetites of weather widgets

This is a fashion trend of recent years. A colorful and very convenient weather forecast informing the smartphone owner about what surprises the heavenly office has prepared. But you have to pay for all the good: constant background synchronization with the server negatively affects autonomy. Therefore, if you are not ready to refuse the informer, at least increase the update time to the maximum.

How To Deal With The Fast Discharge Of Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

We completely reconfigure the system

  • For all installed applications, except for the mail client and messenger, uncheck the box “Display notifications”.
  • In an active Samsung account, we refuse to receive marketing materials, a combination of data and the choice of contextual advertising.
  • In the camera settings, turn off geotagging.
  • We refuse to send a report in case of failure.
  • In the "Security" section, disable the regular check for potential hazards.
  • In the “Settings” section, the item “Auto-update applications” is translated to “Never” and uncheck the boxes “Add icons”, “Updates” and “Auto-update”.

Attention! The screenshots shown apply to most S4 models, but are equally applied to other Galaxy smartphones (S3, S5, S6 + mini versions). Small cosmetic changes may cause the name of the menu items and their design to be different, but the general access scheme will remain the same.

If the purchase of a reinforced battery or an external additional battery is not your plan, and the autonomy of the Samsung Galaxy leaves much to be desired, the tips given will certainly prove to be useful. So you can count on a certain increase in battery life, the only thing I would like to remind you: be extremely careful and do not change those settings, the meaning of which you do not understand.