How To Determine The Location Of An Iphone

How To Determine The Location Of An Iphone

An accidentally lost or stolen iPhone can be found using the built-in functions of the device or special applications. And you can do this from a computer or other smartphone. Next, we will tell you how to find an iPhone through another iPhone and analyze other possible ways.

Search for iPhone using the Find My iPhone app

Find iPhone is Apple’s proprietary service for finding and protecting Apple devices. Shows the location of the iPhone and allows you to block it. It can be used only after presetting:

  1. Using another phone, log in to the Find My iPhone application using your Apple ID account. It is available for free download through the App Store.
  2. If there is no access to another mobile device, then use a browser on your computer. Open the iCloud website and log in using your Apple ID account. You need to use the account of the lost device (even if it is turned off).
  3. In the main menu of the cloud service, select the “Find iPhone” function and re-enter your Apple account information.
  4. If you use several devices, then select one from the list. After that, the smartphone will appear on the map. Click Play Sound to play the melody.
  5. If the device is turned on, then it will be possible to send an additional message to it with a request to call back to the specified number. The text is displayed on the screen.
  6. If the iPhone was lost outside the apartment, then you can find out the approximate location by geolocation. To do this, on the device, you must enable the additional option "Last location".
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The service can only be used if the lost iPhone is connected to the Internet. If it is turned off, you can only find out its last location.

How to track a friend’s iPhone through Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free mobile application that allows you to share geolocation data with friends. Allows you to remotely search for a device in case of loss. How to see the location of another iPhone:

After that, you can find your friend’s iPhone and vice versa. The application allows you to find out where the person is (user permission is required) and can be used to search for their devices.

An attacker can reflash a found iPhone. Then you can track it by IMEI. To do this, you will have to seek help from a mobile operator through law enforcement agencies.

Finding iPhone through Apple Watch

The method is suitable if the service for determining geolocation is turned off on the iPhone. If the device was lost within the apartment and at the same time is associated with a smart watch:

  1. Turn on the Apple Watch and call up the dial on the screen (press the Digital Crown wheel).
  2. Launch the “Control Center”. To do this, swipe up on the touch screen.
  3. An interface with available functions opens. Find the smartphone icon here and click on it.
  4. After that, the iPhone will lose the melody (even if the silent mode is turned on).

When the phone is found, be sure to activate the “Find iPhone” service on it and allow the transfer of the last location to the server. This will help if the next time you leave the device outside the apartment.

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How to Find iPhone by IMEI

IMEI is a unique 15-digit identifier that is assigned to each mobile device. With it, you can determine the location of the iPhone, but only if GPS or data transfer is turned on.

If the device was lost or stolen, then follow these steps:

  1. Add IMEI iPhone to online database of stolen smartphones. This will help reduce the likelihood of reselling the device in the secondary market.
  2. Report your missing person to law enforcement. To do this, you will have to additionally inform the device’s IMEI (available in the documentation on the box) and Apple ID account information.
  3. Try to find your iPhone yourself via IMEI-Poisk 2.0, TrackerPlus or SNDeepInfo. Actually, if it was found and connected to the network.

If the attacker managed to turn off the device and replace the SIM card, then the last location of the iPhone can be found through the mobile operator. Information is provided only after an official request from law enforcement agencies. That is why in case of loss, it is necessary to write a statement about the theft.

Search iPhone through a mobile operator

How To Determine The Location Of An Iphone

You can track the location of any person by his phone number, for this you need to get his permission and connect a special service through a mobile operator. Features:

  1. The cost of connection and other tariffing conditions differ depending on the company that provides communication services.
  2. Not all mobile operators allow you to share your location with friends (even after obtaining permission).
  3. You can track even a turned off smartphone.
  4. No need to install additional applications. To search, just send a short USSD command or log in to your account on the mobile operator’s website.
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The service is suitable for those who want to track the location of children, relatives. Access to information can be obtained through your personal account or from another mobile phone. Specify features at the operator.

According to statistics, law enforcement agencies find a stolen device in the first days after treatment. The faster the owner of the iPhone writes a statement, the higher the likelihood of it being detected.

How to find an iPhone if it is turned off

If the device has run out of power or has been turned off, you can find it by Apple ID. To do this, use the official Find My iPhone app. It shows the location of the iPhone at the moment or sends information to the server before disconnecting. Instruction:

  1. Download the Find My iPhone application on another Apple device and find it by Apple ID (authorization required). Or access the service via iCloud from a computer.
  2. Through the “Find My iPhone” service, enable “Lost Mode”. You can do this through another phone or computer (after authorization in iCloud using Apple ID). Then, after connecting the device to the network, information will be displayed on the screen with a request to contact the owner.

The iPhone sends geolocation data before shutting down. If after moving the device will be connected to the Internet, the information on the map will be automatically updated.

You can track an iPhone stolen or accidentally forgotten somewhere in different ways. The easiest way is to use the built-in Find My Phone service for this, but if it has not been configured in advance, you will have to turn to law enforcement for help. Police officers will be able to find an iPhone via IMEI.