How To Draw On Photos And Change Images On Iphone

How To Draw On Photos And Change Images On Iphone

The ability to take high-quality photos with a smartphone camera is not the key to a “cool” result. Previously, to adjust the picture, as well as add additional effects, I had to use bulky computer editors, which, of course, is not always convenient.

Now a large number of mobile applications have appeared, providing a range of capabilities that are not inferior to computer programs. This instruction will tell you how to draw on the iPhone using the built-in tools and third-party applications.

We make pictures on pictures through the utility “Photos”

Inside iOS, there are already built-in tools for performing "art" in the photo. For this, the standard application "Markup" is intended. So, to draw on photos, go to the "Photos" application, and then proceed according to the instructions:

  1. Select the image for editing, click on the “Edit” link in the upper right.
  2. Inside the bottom panel, select the icon: a circle with three points. From the menu that appears, define the “Layout” tool:
  3. For applying a variety of elements, a marker, highlighter, pencil, eraser will be available from the bottom of the screen. They all differ in the thickness and transparency of the line. To select their color, click on the last circle in the toolbar.

After applying all the desired elements, the picture is saved in the “Gallery” by pressing the “Finish” button.

Third Party Applications

One of the leading iPhone image editing apps is Enlight Photofox. The program is downloaded from the App Store.

We start the editor from the desktop of the smartphone, open a new photo, on which the drawings will be applied:

How To Draw On Photos And Change Images On Iphone
  • Step 1. At the bottom of the application, select the “Art” menu item, and then click on “Thumbnails”.
  • Step 2. Inside the window that appears, we assign the shape of the brush, and in the "Tools" section – the thickness and color. There are a large number of effects and brush shapes, conveniently sorted by name for each tool. In addition, it is possible to choose from an expanded color palette, which is not available in the standard editor.
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After completing the manipulations with the image, click on the checkmark in the upper right to save the result. The snapshot can then be found in the Media Library.

Smartphones have long ceased to be just a tool for taking photos, but offer the user full functionality for processing their pictures. If you want to quickly draw on the picture, just use the built-in “Layout”. But if you need to fine-tune it is recommended to download the "advanced" application.