How To Find An Iphone If It Is Turned Off

How To Find An Iphone If It Is Turned Off

For iPhone users – not just a gadget, but a significant part of life. The loss of a smartphone can, to put it mildly, lead to a stupor: a person loses not only the phone, but also the diary, photos, contacts, guides, favorite music. Avoiding collapse is easy! Apple developers did a great job, and thanks to geolocation services, it’s easy to find the loss. But how to find an iPhone if it is turned off? We’ll talk about magic wands that allow you to track and come to the aid of finding the device in case of theft or loss.

Ways to find a turned off iPhone

If you have lost your phone, first call it from another number. If this has already been done and, probably, to no avail, the first thing to do is contact the law enforcement authorities – file an application for the loss of the gadget. To contact the police you will need the following documents:

  • general passport;
  • any documents for iPhone (data of the international identifier of mobile equipment);
  • cashier’s check that confirms the purchase of the device.

If you are lucky, the investigator will be eager to find your unit and immediately make a request to mobile operators. If the kidnapper or the one who found the phone does not know anything about iPhone tracking programs (there are some), then you are doubly lucky. There are chances to find out which SIM card was inserted into the phone after it was lost or in which specific place the call was made using your “apple friend”. This information helps you find your device.

Do not hope that the valiant police will immediately rush in search of your favorite? Right. After going to law enforcement agencies (and even better – in parallel), proceed to search for a smartphone yourself. We will tell you how to find your iPhone if it is turned off. While professional detectives get their hands on your statement, perhaps you yourself will cope with the problem and find out where the expensive unit is located.

Through iCloud Service

ICloud (icloud) will help you find your phone off. This option is Apple’s official cloud storage, which allows the user to access files from any device online, saves backup copies of his “apple product” data and helps the owner find the lost device. At the same time, to watch where the gadget is located at this time, you must specifically connect the corresponding function.

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The phone is lost near the computer with which you are looking for your gadget? Hear a loud sound. “Siren” is heard even when the iPhone is set to silent function. There are suspicions that the gadget was not lost at home? It will be possible to protect all the information recorded on it even remotely: set a password – and no one will unlock your phone. It is better to delete all data altogether. Once the device is found, they are easily restored from the backup.

Do not forget about the wonderful function "Lost Mode", which is also activated in iCloud. When it is turned on, your message with the specified phone number is displayed on the screen of the locked gadget – the finder of the device will be able to call you back directly from it, despite the fact that it is blocked. In addition, the iPhone, which is in loss mode, is allowed to make and receive calls.

By IMEI number

The International Mobile Equipment Identifier, IMEI, is a unique device number assigned to the device by the manufacturer. The information is intended to identify the unit on the network and is stored in its firmware. A code like a serial number is always indicated in several places:

  • on the smartphone itself (to find out, you need to dial * # 06 # on the keyboard – the data will appear on the screen);
  • under the battery;
  • on the back of the box in which the gadget was sold;
  • in the warranty card.

In a cellular company, at the request of the police or the owner of the smartphone, they can monitor the signal transmission even when the phone is off. It is believed that the code cannot be faked, and if the new owner of your iPhone activates it, it is likely to determine the phone number. However, as practice shows, criminals manage to circumvent this method of protection.

Using the Find My iPhone App

Another application will help find iPhone – a program called Find My iPhone. The service is included in the free iCloud subscription and, among other things, it can determine the location of the gadget, send messages to its screen, protect the device with a password or erase all its contents. You do not need to specifically upload the application to the phone, since it is already part of the device’s operating system. For this function to work, you need to enable it in advance in the “Find iPhone” settings. Geolocation is only allowed when the gadget is on (with the GPS function active).

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How does the Find iPhone feature work?

It is not possible to use the application after losing the phone. The program must be installed with you in advance. Do not forget to do it, otherwise you will ever regret it! Please note that during the configuration of the function, the device will ask to allow geolocation – one of the conditions for this application to work. It is likely that after this the battery will discharge slightly faster.

How to enable the function through a computer

Apple can be proud of these statistics: with the launch of the Find iPhone service, the number of iPhone thefts has decreased significantly. No wonder: finding the stolen device when you turn on this feature is much easier. A smartphone after being locked by the owner in the hands of thieves becomes only a set of spare parts or a meaningless toy. You can download Find iPhone, but you don’t have to!

The procedure for enabling the “Find iPhone” function through the computer:

  1. You will need access to the World Wide Web. No way without it.
  2. It doesn’t matter which operating system is on the phone, Windows or Mac. Visit
  3. In the authorization window, enter your Apple ID. Be careful, do not agree with the item "Stay logged in" when working from someone else’s computer. You can check only when logged in from your personal PC.
  4. After launching the application, in the menu item "My devices" select your device.
  5. The application will start scanning, after which a map image will appear on the screen, on which the location of your loss will be marked. Depending on where exactly your mobile phone “rests” from you, take steps to return it.
  6. Lost your phone in an apartment or office? Use the beep to find your device.
  7. It turned out that the phone was left in a beauty salon or auto center? Send a message to the screen of your gadget with a request to call back to another number. This text will immediately appear on the phone.
  8. The saddest outcome of a search situation. You realized that you lost your smartphone in a public place or, worse, you intentionally stole it. Urgently protect your personal data! Set a four-digit password so that no one can download your photos or read messages, delete them remotely.
  9. Once again: if the “Find iPhone” function is not configured in advance, you just have to rely on the police or the will of the case. Take care of your friend!
How To Find An Iphone If It Is Turned Off

How to disable the function

Another situation is possible: you will need to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, for example, when selling a phone or handing it over for repair. There are two main options for deactivation: directly through the device or remotely. You should probably not say that in either case, this function can be disabled only after entering the password for the Apple ID account. No way without it.

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The first method is the easiest and most convenient, but it requires access to the device:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu.
  2. Find iCloud.
  3. Scroll down to the "Find iPhone" position, switch the toggle switch to "off" mode.
  4. Verify your password with your Apple ID account.
  5. After this simple operation, you will be sent an e-mail notification about the disconnection of the function.

The second method – if you don’t have a mobile phone on your hands, then the “Find iPhone” function can be turned off remotely:

  1. First you need to go to the appropriate application.
  2. Install the program in the App Store or on the website at
  3. Open the My Devices menu from the navigation bar.
  4. In the list that appears, select your mobile phone.
  5. Removing a smartphone from the list is allowed only when it is offline.
  6. When working with a mobile application, click on the "Delete" button, in the web version – "cross".
  7. In conclusion, the application will ask you to confirm your actions and at the same time will remind you that after this the iPad can be activated by another person.

Not everything is completely clear? Use our video tutorial, where the Find iPhone program is sorted by shelves and a guide to action is given to those who have lost the phone, you don’t know how to find its location. Take a look at this tutorial and learn how to find an iPhone by geolocation, gps, and easily find all your devices with the same Apple ID.

Finally, one more tip: be careful when searching for a phone! Often, the owners of a stolen smartphone become not only a victim of thieves, but also scammers. Those who come to various forums for tips often get "well-wishers" on their email. Attackers offer for a reasonable fee to find the phone, for example, using a satellite. Do not pay a penny to unknown people!

Watch a video tutorial that tells you how to find your iPhone if it’s off. What to do if you lose your iPhone? How to track an iPhone from another iPhone? Stole the phone, how to find it? We hope that you will never ask yourself all these questions – there will be no reason. But if a nuisance happens, then you will quickly deal with the problem after a visual video tutorial on this topic. Have a nice search!