How To Find Iphone Or Ipad From Computer Via Icloud

How To Find Iphone Or Ipad From Computer Via Icloud

Apple devices have a high price, which is justified by their quality, both from a technical and software point of view. This makes them attractive to cybercriminals who can steal an iPhone, iPad, or other iOS or MacOS device to sell them. Apple understands this perfectly, and it is constantly improving the security of its devices, introducing new features to protect them from criminals.

Modern iPhones and iPads have a built-in fingerprint scanner, which allows their owners to easily unlock the device, without the need for a regular password, but with increased security. Also in iOS 5 in 2010, the “Find iPhone” feature was introduced, which allows iCloud users to track where devices connected to their account are located. This article will discuss how to configure how this function works and how to find an iPhone from a computer using iCloud.

How to set up “Find iPhone” for tracking through iCloud

The Find iPhone feature is extremely useful, and when you first activate a new device from Apple, the operating system offers to turn it on by itself. It can be useful not only if a phone, tablet, player or other device from Apple was stolen. If desired, through it you can track the location of the device, which is useful for parents who want to find out where their child is. Also, the “Find iPhone” function will help you find a lost device that could fall out of your pocket and is still untouched. There are many other scenarios when you may need to track the location of an iPhone or iPad.

If the “Find iPhone” function was not activated during the first setup, this can be done at any time. To enable it:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your device;
  2. Next, go to “iCloud” and select “Find iPhone” (or iPad, iPod) in the list of settings. Activate this function;
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Important: You can also enable the "Last geolocation" function, when activated, each time the battery is discharged, the device will send information about its location at a given time to the Apple server.

  1. After that, go to “Confidentiality” in the settings and select “Location Services”. Make sure they are on;
  2. Scroll down the list of geolocation functions to the “System Services” parameter and select it;
  3. Here you need to enable the “Find iPhone” (or iPad, iPod) setting.

After performing the above steps, the “Find iPhone” function will become active on the device, and it can be tracked through iCloud.

Please note: If you have several Apple devices tied to the same iCloud account, you must configure the Find iPhone feature for each of them separately.

How to find iPhone or iPad from computer via iCloud

If you need to find an iPhone or iPad, you can do this through any device with Internet access. You can download a special application from the AppStore called “Find iPhone” to another iPhone or iPad. This is not necessary, as you can also find a lost gadget through the iCloud website.

It is important that the following conditions are met:

  • The Find iPhone feature must be enabled;
  • The device must be connected to the Internet;
  • The battery of the device should not be discharged. If it is discharged and the function of sending the last geo-location is turned on in the settings, you can find out where the device was at the last moment.

To find an iPhone or iPad from a computer through iCloud, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to;
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password from it, then click on the login confirmation;
  3. Next, the application menu opens, where you need to select "Find iPhone";
  4. A map will open where you can see the locations of each of the devices in which the Find iPhone feature is enabled, and they are tied to this iCloud account;
  5. At the top of the drop-down menu, you can choose which device you need to find. Click on the desired device;
  6. A list of actions opens with information about the device’s charge, which is important when searching for it. The user will be offered to use one of the following features:
  • Play a sound. If you select this action, the standard melody will turn on on the device you are looking for and a notification will appear indicating that it has been searched. Important: The sound will turn on even if the device is in silent mode.
  • Lost mode. The main function when searching for a device. When choosing it, you must enter the phone number, as well as a message for the kidnapper or the person who found the phone. For example, you can write what the reward is for the device when it is returned. When the loss mode is activated, the device is blocked, and a sent message will be displayed on its lock screen with a request to call the entered number. To unlock the device, you will need to enter a password.
  • Erase iPhone (iPad). This option allows you to erase all data from the device.
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Important: If the lost device is turned off or disconnected from the Internet, you can still use any of the above functions. The command will be saved on iCloud servers and it will be executed when the lost gadget is connected to the network.

The main tool for finding a device through the Find iPhone feature is a map. It displays the exact location of the lost device. The location is determined pretty well, but the problem can occur if the device is located at an attacker in a multi-storey building, since it will not work to determine exactly the floor where the iPhone or iPad is.

What to do if the Find iPhone feature is not configured

Not all users think about the security of their device and the safety of personal data until their attackers have a smartphone or tablet. If the “Find iPhone” function was not turned on, but the device was lost, you won’t be able to remotely find its location or block the device. In such a situation, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • Change the password for your iCloud account, which can be done on the Apple website;
  • Change passwords from important accounts that were tied to a lost device. It can be passwords from Internet banks, social networks, various services and much more.
  • Inform the mobile operator, whose SIM card was installed in the device, about the fact of loss;
  • Report theft to the police.

There are practically no chances to return the device if the “Find iPhone” function is disabled, and the most important thing in this situation is to protect your personal data from being used by attackers as much as possible.