How To Format Android Phone Methods And Some Tricks

How To Format Android Phone Methods And Some Tricks

In most cases, when purchasing a smartphone on the Android OS, all users immediately begin to install many games and applications. In this case, no one thinks about clogging the system and failures. But the time comes when the smartphone starts to work very slowly, inadequately respond to commands or completely stops turning on. This often happens with prolonged and very active use. In most cases, a full reset will solve this problem and return the gadget to normal operation. But how to format an android phone yourself? Let’s look at this issue.

Formatting methods

Today you can meet two methods of returning to a clean OS:

  • through the operating system itself;
  • bypassing the operating system.

The first method involves going through the settings and choosing a general reset, or returning to the factory settings. This procedure is feasible provided that the smartphone starts without any problems and you can climb into the Settings menu. The second method is a little more complicated and involves a full return of the operating system to the factory settings, but the OS itself may not work. This often happens when the smartphone refuses to turn on, freezes or behaves inappropriately. So let’s look at these two methods.

Precautionary measures

Before formatting an Android phone, you should definitely make a backup. This procedure is needed in case the rollback is carried out with errors. Additionally, formatting deletes all data, games, applications, various files, etc. For this reason, you must definitely save them.

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The procedure for saving data is quite simple. This is done by copying all the information to a memory card or other external storage medium. Before formatting, be sure to remove the USB flash drive, as the process may affect it.

Also, before formatting an android phone, you need to make a backup of the system. This procedure is simple and provided by all versions of the OS.

Be sure to make sure the battery is fully charged.

Formatting with OS

So, you have saved all the data and are ready for formatting. First you need to go to the "Settings" menu. After that, a list will open where you want to select the "Confidentiality" item. As a result of such actions, a submenu will appear in which you need to find and click on “Reset Settings”. When agreeing with a choice, you need to remember that all data, applications, etc. from the smartphone will simply be deleted. Only folders belonging to the operating system will remain intact.

If before formatting the Android phone the data was not copied, then after clicking the reset, an additional window will appear warning that all information has been deleted. By canceling the procedure, you can return to saving and then, with a pure soul, do a full rollback.

Formatting bypassing the OS

In some cases, the smartphone in the event of a malfunction starts to work inappropriately or does not start at all. However, formatting is not possible using the usual method. But do not be upset, because everything can be done bypassing the OS.

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Here, before formatting an Android phone, it is also recommended to make a return point. This is necessary in order to return to the original state in the event of a failure.

To enter the subsystem, you need to hold down the power button and the “rocker” volume up. Next, a robot will appear, opening the insides and the menu. You need to select "Wipe data / factory reset" in it. In this mode, the sensor does not work, and moving is done using volume. The item is selected using the "Home" button or lock / shutdown. After that, formatting will be performed.

In the first and second cases, the smartphone will format and freeze a little. At the same time, you can not click on the buttons, because this can lead to a failure of the initial setting. After waiting a bit, the gadget will reboot and a clean factory OS will appear.

It is worth recalling once again that before formatting an Android phone, it is imperative to backup data and create a return point.

Some tricks

Some smartphones running Android OS have their own quick formatting method. Most often this is done by manufacturing monsters, known throughout the world. For this reason, it is recommended to learn about how to format the Samsung Android phone using “hot” codes.

To format, you just need to enter the code * 2767 * 3855 #. After clicking on "enter", all information will begin to be deleted, and as a result, you can get the factory system. If the gadget from this manufacturer does not turn on, then formatting is performed by simultaneously pressing the "Menu", "Volume" and "Turn on" buttons. The password 12345 is entered in the window that appears and the process of deleting all data begins.

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Well, here we’ve figured out how to completely format an android phone. There is nothing complicated in the procedure.