How To Hide Photos On Ipad And Iphone

How To Hide Photos On Ipad And Iphone

Sometimes the user needs to hide photos on the iPhone or iPad from prying eyes. To do this, I know at least four ways that differ in varying degrees of reliability and convenience.

Method 1. Funny

In iOS 8, the standard Photo program has the ability to hide photos. But the implementation brings a smile.

How to hide photos in iOS 8?

In the Albums section we find a snapshot and hold your finger on it. A submenu appears where there is a “Hide” item. Click on it.

A message appears that the photo will be hidden from certain types, but will be visible in the Albums.

Why and for whom did we hide? I won’t get into the heads of iOS programmers and designers, but I can assume that, as planned, it was a concealment for the convenience of showing pictures to other people. You sit in front of your relatives and leaf through a photo album …

In fact, the function looks useless. The pictures get into the special Hidden folder, from where they can be returned to the “Albums” in exactly the same way.

Method 2. Protection from the fool

The App Store has many programs that are designed to hide photos, videos and other files.

How similar programs work:

  • They keep pictures in themselves. Some even have a built-in camera so that a private photo immediately gets into the program.
  • Applications have password protection of varying degrees of coolness.
  • Some applications have a false password to splurge ordinary people. When you enter it, other users see the “left” files.
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But these are all programs can’t do one thing: keep pictures safe. Extracting photos from a third-party application is very simple:

a) connect to iTools (or similar) and find the contents.

b) Or even through iTunes in the section Programs->Shared files.

Of course, you need access to an iPad or iPhone, and possibly a computer. But what if this access is available? What if the task is to hide photos from relatives who use your tablet in the same way sometimes?

Method 3. The most reliable

Storing photos in programs that support encryption. Ideal way to hide pictures.

  • files are stored inside the program
  • the application does not store pictures in clear form, but encrypts it in a container (specially encrypted file or files). Access to this file can only be obtained from the application, knowing the password.

Which applications support this? There are many, but here are some:

How To Hide Photos On Ipad And Iphone

uPassword – AES-256 encryption, designed to store passwords. Link in the App Store.

1Password – AES-256 encryption, designed to store passwords. Overview.

Both programs have the ability to store photos.

In the pocket – AES-256 encryption, designed for reliable storage of documents. And where you can store documents, you can also store pictures. Overview

Explanation: AES-256 encryption is considered one of the most reliable. Used by banks, government organizations, etc.

Method 4. Storing images in the cloud

You can also hide pictures from prying eyes in the cloud storage. Unfortunately, not all iOS apps support PIN protection.

Therefore, where there is code protection, it is theoretically possible to hide pictures. Well, the further fate of the pictures depends on the strength of your password for the cloud and the reliability of the cloud itself.

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There is an opinion that storing something in the cloud is the first security hole. But, if you have signs of paranoia, then you can additionally archive the photos in the Zip archive and put the password also in the archive. But this is a completely different story.

There are 4 main ways to hide pictures on iPad and iPhone. I hope this mini-instruction helps someone. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.