How To Increase The Operating Time Of The Iphone 7

How To Increase The Operating Time Of The Iphone 7

The new line of Apple smartphones is a stunning embodiment of modern technology. Their performance is impressive, the built-in camera shoots no worse than professional solutions, and the shots can be viewed on the magnificent high-resolution LCD-display and all this in a compact and lightweight case. There is only one problem – if you use all the features of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus to the full, then they will not work long. Apple is systematically reducing the amount of battery built into its smartphones, offsetting this with the energy-saving technologies of the new processors. Therefore, the battery life does not change much from generation to generation of iPhone.

There are a few tips to help optimize battery consumption.

Disable auto wakeup setting

The new iOS feature, which turns on the device’s screen when you pick it up, is extremely convenient. It allows you to immediately view notifications without unlocking the device’s screen. However, the operation of this function requires the active operation of the accelerometer of the device, which consumes the battery. You can disable automatic waking up in the "Settings" > "Display and brightness."

Decrease display brightness

In the same menu, you can reduce the brightness of the display and turn off its automatic adjustment. The display on the iPhone is the most gluttonous part of the system. If you want to significantly increase the battery life of the device, then it is the brightness setting that should be changed first.

Disable background software update

Another effective way, but you need to use it carefully. If you turn off background software updates, then all third-party applications will stop sending you notifications until they are manually opened. Thus, you can skip an important message in a third-party messenger or call to Skype.

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Power saving mode

Do not forget about this iOS feature. In iPhone models supporting 3D-touch technology, this mode can be quickly turned on “deeply” by clicking on the settings icon on the desktop, and in older devices just opening the corresponding setting in iOS. The power saving mode will also turn off the background update of applications, will not allow Siri to start with a voice command when the displays are off, and turn off the visual effects in the system.

How To Increase The Operating Time Of The Iphone 7

If you notice that the system suspiciously consumes battery, then reboot the device. It is important to restart the device, and not just turn it off / on. You can restart the iPhone 7 using the “Power” and “Volume Down” keys. Upon reboot, the iPhone will clear the system cache, which should bring all processes to normal.

Rendering system animations loads the device’s processor, and therefore leads to additional battery consumption. Animations can be safely turned off, this will not affect the functionality of iOS. You can do this in the "Settings" > "Basic" > "Universal access" > "Reducing movement."

Prevent third-party applications from accessing GPS

A constantly active GPS will drain the iPhone battery in a couple of hours. Therefore, if some application constantly refers to the geolocation of the device, this may be the reason for the battery leak. Open Settings > "Location Services" and disable applications that you are not actively using.

Apple’s cloud service is an important part of the company’s operating systems. If the device cannot upload data to the cloud, then it will constantly try to repeat this, which will lead to increased processor load. Disabling data synchronization via iCloud will help increase the battery life of the device.