How To Install The Application On An Iphone From A Computer – More Games And Useful Software, Without Any

How To Install The Application On An Iphone From A Computer - More Games And Useful Software, Without Any

The topic of today’s conversation, stated in the title, will probably cause an ironic grin for some readers – which, they say, is complicated! However, the question of how to install the application on the iPhone from a computer is quite common in search queries. And this means that you, joining the ranks of iPhone owners, have come to the right address in order to get a comprehensive answer to this question.

Of course, you could go to a specialized Apple service center where you could install any application, but, in fact, it is not so difficult to perform this procedure yourself. So let’s go!

Install games and programs on iPhone from PC

You can upload files to iPhone in several ways. The simplest one is immediately to the device, but we won’t dwell on it in detail, we just remind you thesis how to do it:

  1. Preparation of the device: disable auto-lock, in the "Settings" select "Basic". In Auto-lock, move the slider to the “Disabled” position. Save settings.
  2. Launch the Installer application on your device. From the list that opens, select the desired application. At the end of the download, the smartphone will automatically reboot and the application icon will appear on the display, which is already ready for use.

Download files to iPhone using iTunes

All operations with functions (recording video, music, downloading and installing games and applications, etc.), as well as with the device’s memory, require Apple iTunes installed on the device. Aityuns is convenient because if you use several "apple" devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone), then managing them and synchronizing data is greatly simplified.

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Applications for Apple devices are distributed as archives with the ipa extension, which, as a result of downloading via iTunes to a computer, are stored in the program’s internal storage (Users->Username->Music->iTunes>iTunes Media->Mobile Applications) and will be available in the "Programs" section.

If you have not already installed this program, then the latest version of iTunes can be downloaded directly from the specified link. If you have iTunes installed and have an account in it, then you can proceed directly to the procedure. If there is no account, you can create it in advance, or do so in the course of working with the program.

Now, using the USB cable that was bundled, connect your iPhone to a PC (Windows or iMac), launch Aityuns, after which, in the window that opens, we need to go to the iTunes Store:

Here we will see a list of applications from which we need to choose the one that we liked. If it is distributed on a free basis, then click on the FREE button, if we are talking about a paid program, then click on the declared price. After that, the system will be prompted to enter account data – login (Apple ID) and password (if you do not have an account, then click "Create a new account") and the application will start downloading:

Now it remains to port the application to your device. To do this, go to the tab of your device, select “Programs” on the top panel (step 1 in the screenshot), put a check mark next to “Sync” (step 2) and click the “Apply” button (step 3):

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At the end of the process of downloading and installing a game or application in the device’s memory, an icon will appear on the iPhone’s desktop.

Download files to iPhone using the file manager (iFunBox)

How To Install The Application On An Iphone From A Computer - More Games And Useful Software, Without Any

You can also solve the issue of installing games and programs on iPhone with a PC using the file manager. How to do this, we will show on the example of iFunBox, in our opinion, this is the best option for iPhone and iPod. You can work with the program on both Windows and Mac OS. Using the iFunBox utility allows you to easily transfer files from an iOS device to a PC and vice versa, clear the cache, make backups, install a new ringtone or theme.

Installation is not required, it starts from an .exe or .app file. Supported firmware – iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.1. Download the program for free here:

So, we proceed directly to the installation:

We connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable (it can also be via Wi-Fi). Launch iFunBox and check if the program recognized the connected device. To do this, look in the menu "Current device" (Eng. Current Device), where the model of your gadget and its name should be indicated. If you need to switch the language, this can be done by running the corresponding function in the upper right corner:

Now we call the menu “Install Application”, after that a window with the downloaded applications will open, select the desired archive, and click the “Open” button (Eng. Open):

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We are waiting for the installation to complete, which usually happens in a matter of minutes.

Well, let’s assume that the topic “how to install the application on iPhone from a computer” is already closed, since we have nothing more to add, and you?