How to Link Mutual Fund to Aadhaar Card

The central government has suggested people to link mutual funds to the Aadhaar card. So, now after your PAN, mobile numbers and bank accounts, you need to link your mutual fund investments to your Aadhaar number.

Linking the Aadhaar card with MFs is a one-stop process that has been simplified with a range of options – online, offline, SMS and email.

How to link Aadhaar card with MF online?

  • You can contact the management company (SGP) of your UCIs directly via their website. While some have a link on the homepage itself, guiding you to the page to update Aadhaar details. Once there, bring your folio number and your permanent account number (PAN). In addition to this information, you may also need to enter your name, date of birth, email address and phone number related to Aadhaar.
  • This can also be done through Mutual Fund Registrars and Transfer Agents (RTAs). For example, Computer Age Management Services Pvt. Ltd (cams)

1) Enter all information including your PAN, Aadhaar number, name, date of birth and gender.

2) You can select all the fund houses that appear on the screen according to your investments.

3) Click on “Generate OTP”.

4) Enter the received OTP and click verify.

5) You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt indicating the success of the procedure. You will also receive an acknowledgment email from UIDAI.

Other RTAs such as Karvy Computershare Pvt Ltd and Franklin Templeton AMIL will also be able to facilitate the fund houses they serve.

How to link Aadhaar card with MF offline?

  • If there is no online option, you can call your AMC directly and ask to connect to Aadhaar, for which you may need to fill out and submit a form with all relevant details.
  • People connecting via CAMS or Karvy should download the Aadhaar update request form from the official portal. Then they must submit a completed and duly signed form to the nearest CAMS office in Karvy, along with a self-attested copy of their Aadhaar card.

How to link Aadhaar card with MF via SMS?

One has to type ADRLNK (space) PAN (space) Aadhar number (space) Y and text to +919212993399 to link mutual funds with Aadhaar number through Karvy.

How to link Aadhaar card with MF via email?

You can also send your respective AMCs to link your MF folios with Aadhaar. You must mention your Aadhaar number and your PAN details.

Deadline for linking Aadhaar to mutual funds

Currently, there is no deadline for linking Aadhaar to mutual funds.

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