How To Make Live Photos On Iphone 7

How To Make Live Photos On Iphone 7

Live photography is a unique iPhone camera feature that Apple engineers have been striving for for years. Live Photo adds a twist to regular photos, without which viewing would not be so interesting. Live photos are unforgettable memories of fragments of your life that are stored on iPhone 7. So, we will figure out in detail how to take photo photos on iPhone 7.

What is a Live Photo?

Live photos on iPhone 7 are obtained by recording video and sound 1.5 seconds before pressing the “Shutter” button and 1.5 seconds after the picture. Therefore, in addition to a high-quality and still image (in .JPEG format) on a 12-megapixel camera, you get 3 seconds of video and sound recording. (1.5 to the click of the camera and 1.5 seconds after).

The Live Photo feature was added back in the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus back in September 2015, and this feature is also available in the latest versions of the iPhone 7 and 7Plus.

When viewing live photos on iPhone 7, you will see not only static photos, but also 3 seconds of a “Moving” image with high-quality sound. As you can imagine, this function is great for shooting any scene with moving objects, objects or interesting and exotic sounds.

In addition to the "Live Image", iPhone 7 makes capturing photos in high resolution at the time of pressing the "Shutter" button. For example, another photo:

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How does the LivePhoto feature work on the iPhone 7?

How does the phone understand that it needs to record exactly 1.5 seconds before the picture starts? In fact, everything is very simple. As soon as you launch the “Photos” application, a third-party application starts recording videos, although you will not even notice this.

Thus, when you press the “Shutter” button, your iPhone 7 has already captured 1.5 seconds of video before pressing the button. All the rest of the video that was recorded before 1.5 seconds before pressing the photo button is automatically discarded, so there is no need to worry about the fact that the permanent video recording will take up more memory in your phone storage.

How to make live photo on iPhone 7?

Open the standard camera application and make sure you are in the photo shooting menu (you cannot take photos in any of the other shooting modes). About the opportunity to make LivePhoto, you are informed by the round icon on the left, which is shown in the screenshot below. If the icon is yellow, then the LivePhoto function is active, if white is not.

When you switch to live photo, the word “Live” appears in a yellow frame in the center of the screen. After a few seconds, this icon disappears. Remember that you have 1.5 seconds of video recording before pressing the camera shutter. Therefore, make sure that you hold the phone still for several seconds. It should also be remembered that video recording captures the recording of all sounds around.

How To Make Live Photos On Iphone 7

If you no longer want to take live photos, just click on the round icon that we talked about earlier. In the off mode, the LivePhoto function is inactive, as evidenced by the white color of the sphere in the center of the screen.

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How to play live photos on iPhone 7?

As soon as you take a photo, it will immediately appear in the native Photos application, along with a regular photo. Oddly enough, Apple did not create a separate album for Live Photo, which is very strange. For example, if you take a separately formed album for the video “Slow-MO”. So live photos will appear only in the main photo library (Camera Roll or all photos).

It would be great if Apple added a special album for live photos in a future update.

This concludes our brief review of the LivePhoto feature on the iPhone 7. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments to this article. A detailed review of the protective glass for iPhone 7 with full coverage, you can read here.