How To Overlay One Photo On Another On Iphone

How To Overlay One Photo On Another On Iphone

iPhone is an extremely functional device that can perform a lot of useful tasks. But all this is possible thanks to third-party applications distributed in the App Store. In particular, below we will consider with what tools you can overlay one photo on another.

Overlay one image with another using iPhone

If you like to process photos on your iPhone, you have probably seen examples of work where one picture is superimposed on top of another. You can achieve a similar effect using photo editing applications.


Pixlr application is a powerful and high-quality photo editor with a huge set of tools for image processing. In particular, it can be used to combine two photos into one.

  1. Download Pixlr to your iPhone, launch it and click on the button "Photos". The iPhone library will be displayed on the screen, from which you will need to select the first picture.

When the photo is opened in the editor, select the button in the lower left corner to open the tools.

Open section "Double exposure".

The second image will be overlaid on top of the first. With the help of points you can adjust its location and scale.

At the bottom of the window, various filters are provided, with the help of which both the color of the pictures and their transparency change. You can also adjust the transparency of the image manually – for this, a slider is provided at the bottom, which should be moved to the desired position until a suitable effect is achieved.

When editing is complete, select the checkmark in the lower right corner, and then tap on the button Done.


The next program is a full-fledged photo editor with a social network function. That is why here you will need to go through a small registration process. However, this tool provides much more opportunities for gluing two images than Pixlr.

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    Install and run PicsArt. If you do not have an account in this service, enter your email address and click on the button "Create an Account" or use integration with social networks. If the profile was created earlier, select "To come in".

As soon as your profile appears on the screen, you can begin to create an image. To do this, select the plus sign in the lower central part. An image library will open on the screen, in which you will need to select the first picture.

The photo will open in the editor. Next, select the button "Add photo".

Select the second image.

How To Overlay One Photo On Another On Iphone

When the second picture is overlaid, adjust its location and scale. Then the fun begins: at the bottom of the window are tools that allow you to achieve interesting effects when gluing pictures (filters, transparency settings, blending, etc.). We want to erase excess fragments from the second image, so we select the eraser icon at the top of the window.

In the new window, using the eraser, erase all unnecessary. For greater accuracy, scale the image with a pinch, and adjust the transparency, size and sharpness of the brush using the slider at the bottom of the window.

Once the desired effect is achieved, select the checkmark icon in the upper right corner.

Once finished editing, select the button "Apply", and then click "Following".

To share your finished photo in PicsArt, click on "Send", and then complete the publication by pressing the button Done.

A picture will appear on your PicsArt profile. To export to the smartphone’s memory, open it, and then tap in the upper right corner of the icon with three dots.

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  • An additional menu will appear on the screen, in which it remains to select "Download". Done!
  • This is not a complete list of applications that allow you to overlay one photo on another – the article provides only the most successful solutions.

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