How To Peel Off The Protective Glass From Iphone

How To Peel Off The Protective Glass From Iphone

In most cases when it is required to remove the glass from the phone, it will be possible to completely independently without the involvement of smartphone repair specialists, but here it is important to remember some simple principles. First of all, act as carefully as possible and without rush. Any of your unsuccessful movements can cause some damage to the screen of the gadget and its touchscreen. How exactly it is worth trying to remove the glass from the phone depends largely on the specific circumstances, such as the degree of damage, your dexterity and the availability of various devices at hand.

In an effort to remove the glass from the phone, be puzzled first to pry off one of its corners. It will be easier when the protective accessory is not too destroyed and retained relative integrity. Try to pick up the cherished corner with your fingernail, and if one does not give in, take hold of the other and find the one that turns out to be the most pliable. If you can’t remove the glass from the phone with your bare hands, use a flat and / or sharp object to pry it off. Such may even be a regular playing card (best of all. New) or a simple piece of cardboard.

Many in an effort to remove the glass from the phone sometimes do not quite thought-out actions, for example, they use a knife as a means to pry off such an accessory. Such items are quite dangerous for the integrity of the regular display of the smartphone and are capable of severely scratching it. Therefore, use cutting / stabbing weapons only when you are confident in your own dexterity and accuracy. By the way, it is better to make attempts to remove the glass from the phone, after having put on protective gloves on your hands so that you do not accidentally leave your own fingerprints on the display of the gadget.

It will be much safer to remove the glass from the phone not with a knife, but, as mentioned above, with a cardboard or other flat object, such as a bank card or a special mediator included in the device. When it is possible to pry at least a little corner of the protective glass, insert such a tool between it and the standard display and begin to deepen the gap a little, then further separating these two screens. When it is required to remove the glass from the phone in case of severe damage, start the compartment anyway from the whole corner, and carefully clean the cracked places.

The screen of any gadget needs protection. Even if you have the latest iPhone model, do not neglect to install additional film on the display. This will allow him to look attractive, extend the service life. How to glue a protective glass on the phone without assistance?

How to choose

There are two types of glass: frosted and glossy. The first option is more expensive. It will protect the phone from falling, shock and even glare. Minus: degrades color reproduction.

The second option is cheaper. However, the display is only shockproof. Before buying, check the product for strength: it should not bend too much. The thicker the material, the higher the level of protection. Also, good glass has an oleophobic coating. Due to this, it does not get dirty with fat.

Features of protective glass

A slight minus of the protective glass is the high cost compared to the film. It will make the smartphone heavier and larger. The rest can be noted only pluses.

  • Resistance to various damages. Touching sharp objects will leave no scratches.
  • Shock protection. If you fall from a height, the display will remain intact. In extreme cases, the glass itself will burst.
  • Durability. The film needs to be changed every six months, and the glass can be used until it is damaged.
  • Lack of bubbles and detachments. The film sometimes peels off at the edges. Glass sits like a glove.

Sticking process

For the procedure you will need: a protective glass, a dry cloth, an alcohol wipe, a special liquid for cleaning computer screens or TV, a dust bag or tape. An equally important point is the preparation of the workplace. Choose a room with minimal dust accumulation. The best option is a bathroom or kitchen. The bedrooms have a lot of textiles that attract small particles.

Turn off the smartphone so that the screen does not turn on during gluing. Wash your hands with soap. Lay the equipment and protective glass on a clean, smooth surface. First remove the old film from the device. To do this, pull it by the edge at an angle of 60 °. Use an alcohol wipe to remove any dirt from the screen. You can prepare your own cleansing composition. Mix water and alcohol in a 5: 1 ratio. Add a little dishwashing detergent. Dampen a cloth with a cloth and treat the display.

Polish the screen to shine with microfiber. If there are dust particles, walk along the surface with a dust bag or tape. Consider the display under lighting: it should not have lint, dust particles, dirt and specks.

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It is better to glue the protective glass on the phone in a room where there is less dust, for example, in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Remove glass from packaging. Remove the film from it. Hold on to the side edges only to prevent fingerprints. Set the protection so that it coincides with the speaker and the central button of the gadget. Swipe down from the center. This will help secure the surface.

Drive out the remaining air with a spatula (included). Move from the center to the edges. Try not to push too hard on the screen. Small bubbles disappear on their own within 2-3 days after the procedure. Turn on the phone and check the sensor.

How to remove the protective glass

It is more difficult to remove the protective glass than the film. If the sticking process failed, remove it using the bookmark. The latter is located on the outside of the shield.

The main function of the glass of any gadget is to protect the touchscreen of a mobile device from damage. Accepting a blow, the glass is often destroyed, cracked, covered with chips. At the same time, the quality of protection drops significantly, the display overview becomes worse, the gadget loses a presentable appearance. Before installing a new protective glass, you must first remove the old. In the article, we will talk about how to remove the protective glass from the phone.

What precautions should be followed?

Before you remove the protective glass from the iPhone, you need to consider that the surface of the touch screen of the gadget is almost perfectly smooth. Therefore, the protective glass is attached to it quite thoroughly. Most often it is supported by electrical forces, sometimes by adhesive. The surfaces touch so tightly that removing the glass by prying it with the tip of the nail is simply unrealistic. If you use a knife blade, then there is a high probability of damage to the screen and the case of the smartphone.

Silicone suction cup is also ineffective. If the protective surface is badly damaged, then there is no vacuum under it, and the suction cup simply disappears. With good adhesion of the glass to the suction cup, problems are also more than enough. The sensor is attached to the case with fragile duct tape, and if you do not calculate your own forces, you can damage the cables and completely disrupt the screen module. That is why deliberate careful actions strictly in accordance with the algorithm are mandatory.

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How to remove the protective glass from the iPhone?

To get started, prepare and collect the necessary arsenal of funds. You will need:

  1. 2 plastic cards, pick and scapula.
  2. The suction cup is silicone.
  3. Napkin made of lint-free material.
  4. Wiper containing alcohol (it can be replaced with vodka, cologne or medical alcohol).
  5. Medical gloves.

The algorithm of actions to remove the protective glass from the iPhone is extremely simple, but at the same time effective:

How To Peel Off The Protective Glass From Iphone
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap, dry them, or wear gloves. It is important that there are no smudges or smudges on the screen.
  • Find a broken (or least damaged) corner on the broken glass. Press a suction cup to it.
  • Pry the corner with the suction cup with a spatula or mediator so that the edge slightly peels off. At the same time, help yourself with a suction cup by carefully pulling it onto yourself. Do not overdo it, otherwise – you can disrupt the screen.
  • As the screen peels off, deepen the spatula or pick.

Important! If the screen is large, you can use 2 tools at the same time, moving them in different directions.

  • Continue to gently pull the suction cup toward you until the glass is completely off.

As you can see, there is nothing particularly complicated. Work requires only patience, caution and scrupulousness.

How to glue the glass?

How to remove the protective glass from the phone at home – figured out. Now about how to fix the new protective surface on the display. In order for the new part to be glued with high quality, the procedure must be carried out in an impeccably clean room, free of dust.

Important! Before sticking, moisten a lint-free cloth in alcohol-containing solution and wipe the screen. This will allow dedusting, degreasing the display and improve adhesion of the two surfaces.

The gluing algorithm is as follows:

  • Take the new glass by the edges. Hands should be clean, dry, or with medical gloves.
  • Remove the protective film from the surface of the glass by pulling on the tab. At the same time, keep the glass closer to the screen of the gadget to prevent dust from getting on the connected surfaces.
  • Place the glass surface a few millimeters from the display and align it carefully.

Important! Make sure that the openings of the camera, speaker, keys and other components match.

  • Connect the glass to the screen. You can get rid of the resulting bubbles by forcing them to the edges with a dry, clean cloth.