How To Record A Conversation On Iphone Using Programs And External Devices

How To Record A Conversation On Iphone Using Programs And External Devices

Can I record a conversation on an iPhone? Yes, perhaps it’s possible, although this is a very difficult task. Many users of Apple devices sometimes need to record their telephone conversation. As you know, by default the necessary applications for this application are not built into the device, which means that you will have to install JailBreak. However, there are ways to record a phone conversation on an iPhone without Cydia’s apps. This article will look at examples without and with JailBreak.

Using Google Voice

Although Apple does not allow recording telephone conversations on the iPhone, the company, which created a rival iOS system, provides such an opportunity. Of course, we are talking about Google and their Voice.

  1. First you need to register on the official website of the project. We believe that many already have such an account.
  2. Now you need to go to the AppStore and download the Google Voice application. This program allows users to record their conversations.
  3. The tool has its own service. Now you need to register in it. To do this, go to A shared account is used to log in. After that, the button for receiving a voice number appears on the left.
  4. Next, you need to determine your type. It can be either a standard user phone number or a special free Google code.
  5. An important point: for the porting of the subscriber’s individual telephone number, you will need to pay 760 rubles. And communication with the telephone operator will cease to function.
  6. How To Record A Conversation On Iphone Using Programs And External Devices

Unfortunately, Full Size Voice is only available in the United States. Now it remains to personalize your account. You need to go to the Voice page through a mobile browser and select the settings item. In the “Calls” tab, check the box next to “Enable conversation recording option”, then save the changes. Please note that at the moment the service does not allow recording outgoing calls.

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Using skype

The question of how to record a conversation on an iPhone is not a big problem for Skype users. To do this, you need to have an account in the service, which can be set up on the official website. If you already have an account, you should download Skype applications through the AppStore. In addition, you need to download some kind of recording application, something like “Voice Recorder”. Now you can carry out the process: we turn on the program in the background, go to Skype and call the interlocutor. If the application cannot work in the required mode, there is also a solution. First, go to Skype, after which we turn it off. Next, turn on the recording. However, Skype cannot save phone calls.

Using an application from the AppStore

The iOS platform at the start of a call turns off all third-party programs. Therefore, recording telephone conversations on the iPhone is so difficult. But in the AppStore you can find many applications for our purposes, since they are built on transferring a call to our own call center. This allows you to record conversations and use them later. We go into the AppStore and look for the right application. It can be either paid or free. In the search, you should drive something like “a program for recording a conversation on the iPhone,” a call recorder, or something similar. All of them have different characteristics. They may differ in recording duration, pay per call, notification of the interlocutor about the process of saving the conversation. Information can be stored both on the phone itself, and on the program’s servers or in the clouds. Now you should check if the tool is working. Turn it on and dial the subscriber number. The principle of operation of such programs is simple, since recording a conversation on an iPhone using a regular phone is almost impossible, the application connects to its server, and then connects to the called user. After the call, you can listen to the recording and perform a series of actions with it.

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Using JailBreak

With this, the methods of how to record a conversation on an iPhone without the help of external means are exhausted. But it’s not for nothing that hackers exist. Owners of hacked JailBreak communicators have the opportunity to use applications from Cydia. Consider Audio Recorder. After installing it, a new button appears on the call screen, when clicked, recording is activated. You can end it before ending the call by pressing again. Audio Recorder helps you figure out how to record a conversation on your iPhone during incoming or outgoing calls. A feature is the inclusion of a signal at the beginning of the saving process and sending material by mail. All entries are stored on the device.

Using external equipment

Consider the classic way to record a conversation on an iPhone. If you have any suitable device, even a regular voice recorder, you can save your dialogue. But here you need to observe some conditions. For starters, it’s best to stay in a quiet room. When making a call, you must use the speakerphone. The recording device needs to be placed next to the iPhone. It is also necessary to check if the microphone is working. On a computer or tablet, you can see sound waves, the presence of their vibrations notifies that the process is ongoing. Now you need to call the interlocutor, turn on the speakerphone and start recording. There is nothing complicated here, however, the sound quality will be much lower than with a software solution to the issue.