How To Record A Telephone Conversation On Iphone

How To Record A Telephone Conversation On Iphone

Recording a telephone conversation without notifying the other person in the United States is prohibited by law. Apple is an American company and carefully monitors compliance with the laws of this country. Therefore, iPhone devices do not have built-in programs for recording telephone conversations and, most likely, will not.

However, Apple users can get out of the situation and record a conversation on the iPhone if they install a third-party application and will pay for its use. There are several active applications for recording conversations in the App Store: Apple is not struggling hard with such utilities, because most of their users are citizens of European and Asian countries, whose laws do not matter for the “apple giant”. In the article we will talk about similar programs and other ways of recording a conversation.

How on iPhone to record a telephone conversation through the AppStore applications?

One of the best-known programs for recording telephone conversations is Intcall; You can download it here. This program has two advantages over the others: Firstly, it is compatible with iOS 7 (while most others are placed only on the "eight"), Secondly, it requires payment not for the number of entries, but for the hours of operation.

Software of this type is always shareware: downloading does not cost anything, but you have to pay directly for the use.

Record a conversation through Intcall So:

Step 1. Go to the app Intcall – it will meet you with an offer to send push notifications. Click "To prohibit"If you do not want iPhone to bother you for nothing.

Step 2. Accept the terms of the agreement – check the corresponding box.

By the way, on this screen there is all the most important information regarding the application: the user is notified that he:

  • Will pay for the conversation.
  • Will be able to record only outgoing.
  • During the recording of the conversation must be connected to the mobile Internet /

Step 3. Enter your mobile number starting with 9. Don’t be afraid: they won’t withdraw money and will not subscribe – Apple does not allow fraudulent applications on the App Store.

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Step 4. Dial the number of the person you want to record a conversation with (without 8), and press the call button.

Step 5. A window will appear informing you that Intcall asks for access to the microphone – click "Allow".

Step 6. In the next window you will be offered to replenish the account. Without payment, you will not be able to use the IntCall application. The minimum payment amount is $ 5. The cost of recording a minute of conversation in Russia is 10 cents.

After replenishment of the account, the call will take place – the recorded conversation will appear in the “Posts". The audio file can be exported directly from the program to What’s app or Viber either send by email.

Before recording a real conversation, test the application through the "Test”On the main panel – so you can find out how high-quality the final audio recording will be.

Audio quality depends on the coverage area of ​​the Internet: if the letter E appears next to the name of the operator, recording a telephone conversation is a bad thing.

An alternative Intcall is a utility Call recorder which, alas, does not work on iOS below the 8th version.

How can I record a conversation on an iPhone with a jailbreak?

It is impossible to fully record conversations on iPhone without jailbreaking: the user will face restrictions every now and again: some App Store applications are able to write outgoing only calls, others – be sure to notify the interlocutor of the beginning of the recording. The owner of the jailbroken iPhone has much more features – perhaps the best program for recording telephone conversations is available to him Audio recorder. You can find the program in Cydia, in the repositories Modmyi and Limneos – it costs only $ 4 and is not picky in terms of the OS version.

Audio recorder – This is a balanced alloy of simplicity and efficiency: the buttons and settings are minimal. Use Audio recorder need so:

Step 1. Immediately after launching the application, a window will appear on the screen warning that recording conversations without notifying the interlocutor in some countries is a matter of jurisdiction and that tweak developers relieve themselves of all responsibility and transfer it to the user’s shoulders. Click “I accept"- without this, further use of the tweak is impossible.

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Step 2. Go to the "Settings"Applications and activate the slider opposite"Included". So you turn on the recording of conversations.

How To Record A Telephone Conversation On Iphone

Step 3. Select a post type – auto or manual. To do this, go to the "Telephony calls"And find the slider"Automatically Record All Calls". If you want to be recorded all conversations, activate the slider; if you want to independently issue a command for recording, leave it as it is.

In manual mode, you will have to click on a special button located next to the time counter to start recording.

Step 4. At the end of the conversation, go to the application – you will see that in the “All»There is an audio recording.

Please note that entries are automatically sorted by incoming / outgoing calls. On the Internet, you can come across information that Audio Recorder records only outgoing calls – this is a lie!

Audio from such a peculiar voice recorder has the format m4a and remain in the device’s memory – if necessary, they can be easily downloaded to a computer or e-mail.

In this manual, we examined the tweak Audio Recorder version 2. The algorithm for using the first version may be slightly different.

Audio recorder – not the only tweak from Cydia, designed to record conversations. For example, there is still a utility OpenGSM Pro-X, which makes it possible to record not only telephone conversations, but also conversations through Viber and What’s app.

How to record conversations on iPhone using additional equipment?

IPhone users who need to record conversations “on duty” (for example, journalists) may well “fork out” additional equipment once to solve the problem with telephone recording once and for all.

A great helper for the interviewer – a special adapter U2, produced by the company Security gear pro.

Adapter U2 has a standard 3.5-inch plug (as with regular headphones) – just insert this plug into the iPhone’s audio jack and the device will write conversations in the format MP3 in high quality. As for the characteristics, then U2 It has 4 GB of internal memory – this is enough for 144 hours of audio recording – and a battery that can provide 20 hours of battery life. Such a “miracle” costs a little more than 6 thousand rubles for “Amazon ».

Another option for recording equipment is Bluetooth Call Recorder.

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This device connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, which is its main advantage – talking with U2, hanging on a smartphone is by no means a great pleasure. Bluetooth call recorder has more memory than U2 (8 GB vs 4 GB), but it is equipped with a rather weak battery – it will be able to work in standalone mode for a maximum of 3 hours. Probably because Bluetooth call recorder much cheaper U2: The cost of such a device is only 2.4 thousand rubles.

Finally, the third option, which is seriously offered on forums and thematic portals, is recording the conversation “the old fashioned way”, from the recorder: the user puts the iPhone on the speakerphone and puts the recording device next to the speaker. You shouldn’t laugh here: it’s only telephone voice recorders that record in the format Amr and disgusting quality, and modern digital ones are capable of writing MP3 with a special microphone, which is in the kit – the recording is so distinct that every word is heard. True, the cost of digital voice recorders bites – from 2 thousand rubles.


Developers of utilities that record telephone conversations focus on the fact that their "brainchildren" serve exclusively good purposes and do not violate privacy. For example, creators Call recorder even in the name of the program they noted that it is intended for telephone interviews – thanks to the application, the interviewer does not have to restore the conversation from memory or notes in a notebook.

In Russia there is no prohibition on recording telephone conversations, as well as obligations to notify the interlocutor that his words are recorded – only transferring this information to third parties is contrary to the Constitution. However, domestic developers are in no hurry to create applications for recording conversations, so iPhone users, if necessary, periodically record conversations, have to take quite decisive steps: hacking an iPhone or buying expensive "overseas" equipment.