How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung Devices

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung Devices

There are times when, when deleting a group of photos or individual photos, people delete those that they need or may need in the future. Therefore, the question arises, how can I recover deleted photos? There are several ways to do this. You can either recover deleted photos or recover deleted photos. In this article, we’ll look at several ways to do this with UltData for Android, DiscDigger, and Samsung Cloud.

How to recover deleted photos on Samsung devices

Samsung devices have special functionality that allows you to return deleted photos using a regular tool called Samsung Cloud. Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage for Samsung devices, in which each user has 15GB of space, this is more than enough to store photos. Each device is synchronized with this cloud storage by default, therefore, if you did not disconnect it, then deleted photos are stored there. So, here is what we need to do to get our photos back.

1.Since the Samsung Cloud is cloud storage, it needs an internet connection. Therefore, the first thing we connect our phone to the Internet. You can use both WiFi and mobile Internet.

2. In Phone settings, locate Cloud and accounts, then select Samsung Cloud.

3. The section indicates the amount of space available to the user in the cloud, the degree of its use and synchronization options. You will see all the data that is synchronized with Cloud Storage. An important point is the Gallery. A checkmark should be in front of it, which means that synchronization is enabled and photos are sent to the Cloud Storage.

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4. Return to the Samsung Cloud and select the Restore option. It will take some time for the device to search for copies of the data in the Samsung Cloud library. If the device finds photos that have been synchronized with Cloud Storage, the corresponding item will appear. Selecting it, the device will return all synchronized photos from the Cloud storage to the phone’s memory.

In the new versions of devices, the Basket has appeared, designed to store deleted photos that are stored in it for 15 days from the moment they are deleted on the phone. To use it, you need to go to the Device Gallery, then go to Settings and go to the Trash. After that, it remains only to select the photos we need and the device will restore them.

How to recover deleted photos on Samsung phones

There are many programs for Samsung devices that can recover deleted photos, such as DiscDigger. She is very popular among smartphone users, as she does her job well. The advantage of this application is that it does not require a connection to a PC, but is installed directly on your device. So, having downloaded the application, let’s get to work.

1. After starting the program, it will automatically start searching for all media on which data recovery is possible. After the search is completed, select the medium from which the photos were deleted and click the Scan Device button. If you know the format and at least the approximate weight of the files you want to recover, you can set a file search filter before starting a scan (by default, the application searches for all files with a weight of 100kb or higher. This will significantly reduce the search time for deleted files and filter out files that are not needed for recovery.

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2. After scanning, the application will show you all the files available for recovery. You can see each file before restoring it. Thus, select the photos you need and click the Save button, and then Done.

How To Recover Deleted Photos On Samsung Devices

3. In addition to saving photos to the phone or Flash drive, the program can also send recovered files to your mail. To do this, you should click the Email button, not Save, after selecting photos. In the menu that appears, select the service that you usually use to send letters. The application will create an empty letter and attach to it an archive called, in which the restored photos will be located. This feature can be very useful for those people who were going to transfer the recovered photos to the PC. Using letters will make this easier and faster. And finally: there is also a PC version of this program, so if you are not comfortable using the mobile application, you can always download it to your PC.

Photo Recovery with UltData for Android

If the first two methods did not help you, then it makes sense to try to restore your photos using the Tenorshare UltData for Android program. This program is convenient to use and has good functionality, as a result of which it is quite popular among people who are often involved in recovering lost or deleted information. The program is paid. You can always download a trial version from the official site, but for us at the moment a free trial version of the product is also suitable. In new versions of the product there is a Russian language, which facilitates the work.

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Step 1. Download the program and install it on your PC. Connect your Samsung phone to the computer using a USB cable

Step 2. After the discovery of your device, a request for access to root rights will appear on the screen. Click “Allow” to continue working with the application. Select Gallery and click Scan.

Step 3. We wait until the program finishes scanning. At the end of the scan, the program will give you all the files that it managed to find. As usual, we tick off the photos we need and click on the Restore button, which, as we are used to, is located in the lower right corner and select the path to save files.