How To Reduce Brightness On Iphone 6

How To Reduce Brightness On Iphone 6

Are you using the iPhone or iPad with the lowest brightness, but the screen is still too bright? There is a way to lower the brightness even more than the brightness slider allows. See how to do it.

If you often use your smartphone or tablet late in the evening or at night, then you, of course, set the minimum brightness of the screen so that it does not shine too much before your eyes. Unfortunately, the minimum screen brightness is not always sufficient for comfortable use of the device at night. However, there is a way to lower the brightness more than the brightness slider allows.

To reduce brightness in iOS, you can use the zoom function and filters. However, this time we will show another method in which we will use the so-called lower white point, making the screen even dimmer. This option is available on iOS 10, 11 and above.

Even lower brightness on iPhone / iPad with iOS 10/11

To better reduce the brightness, we will use the accessibility functions, in particular, the aforementioned option to reduce brightness. This activates an additional brightness slider to reduce the intensity of vibrant colors. In combination with the traditional brightness slider, this allows you to make the screen darker, less bright and easier for the eyes when using the device at night.

To do this, go to the Settings app, and then go to the General tab. Find and select the "Availability" section here. All availability options appear. In the list, find the “Screen Convenience” tab.

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After entering the screen, you will find the “Lower White Point” field. This parameter should appear at the very bottom of the list. Activate it by moving the slider to the on position.

When this option is selected, a slider will appear under it, with which we can adjust the level of decrease in brightness of bright colors. The higher the color reduction level, the darker the screen we get.

Remember that you can combine this option with a regular brightness slider. If you move the brightness slider down 100% and the screen is still not dark enough, you can darken it using the usual brightness slider. The combination of both functions – reducing the white point and normal brightness – allows you to get a very dark screen, which is useful, for example, when using the device in bed before bedtime.

Set a shortcut to quickly switch the dimmer function

If you intend to use this option often, you should install a shortcut that allows you to quickly turn on and off the reduction of the white point. iOS allows you to assign this setting to the Home button 3 times. As a result, you will not need to go to the accessibility option each time to enable or disable the white reduction option.

To do this, go back to the basic accessibility settings ("Settings"> "Basic"> “Accessibility”) and go to the “Availability of Abbreviation Function” tab.

Here you can choose which accessibility option you use most often and assign a key combination to it. Select the function “Lower brightness point” here.

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From this moment, when you press the Home button three times in a row, the option to lower the white value switches. You can quickly enable or disable this option.