How to set reading goals in iOS 13

How to set reading goals in iOS 13

I think many people noticed that in the last few years they began to read less books – they are perfectly replaced by the VK tape, Twitter and other more simple reading. And, in order to give people at least some incentive to read more, Apple made a daily reading goal in its proprietary Book app on iOS 13. Alas, for its achievement you are not supposed to have any “goodies,” except, of course, the realization that you have accomplished this goal.

Setting up this goal is simple: open the Books application, go to the “Read Now” tab and scroll to the bottom. After that, click on the target semicircle area, in the window that opens, select the “Change target” option and set the desired time:

After that, you can start reading, and as soon as you complete the goal, a notification will appear:

Well, of course, you can share your achievement with your friends by clicking on the appropriate button.

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