How To Set Up Internet On Iphone

How To Set Up Internet On Iphone

SIM cards of most mobile operators are sold with connected mobile Internet: the user just needs to install the card in their iPhone, and access to the network will immediately be available to him. However, know how to set up the Internet on iPhone manually, nevertheless, it is necessary, otherwise in the event of a system failure and deleting network settings, the user will be left without access to a significant number of functions – neither mail checking nor downloading applications from the AppStore will be available to him.

How to enable mobile Internet on iPhone?

First of all, you need to clarify whether data transfer is activated in the iPhone settings. To do this, go to the "cellular" on the menu "Settings".

Then check the two sliders "Cell data"And"Enable 3G". Both must be in an active position.

If the toggle switch "Cell data”Is not included, iPhone will be able to access the Internet only if it is present in the Wi-Fi distribution zone. Turning on 3G is also highly recommended – otherwise the smartphone will use the standard EDGE. The maximum download speed that can be achieved when connected to EDGE – 474 Kb / sec, however, you should count on 50 Kb / sec. Needless to say, this is too slow internet?

Even if you switched the “Enable 3G” slider to the active position, this is not a guarantee that the gadget will work through 3G. It all depends on the coverage area: if in the area where the iPhone is located, the connection catches poorly, most likely you will have to deal with EDGE.

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It is very easy to find out which standard the data is being transferred through – just look at the top of the screen. Next to the name of the operator can be one of two icons: 3G or E.

The second and indicates the transfer of data through EDGE. Therefore, the letter E terrifies all fans of fast Internet surfing.

If there is neither 3G nor E opposite the name of the provider, then mobile Internet is unavailable. There are two possible reasons for the lack of a network: either the “Cellular Data” slider in the settings is turned off, or the coverage is very weak.

How To Set Up Internet On Iphone

After you check the toggle switches, you need to clarify whether the settings for the mobile connection are entered correctly. It is done like this:

Step 1. In the same section "cellular"Scroll down, find the subsection"Cellular Data Communications"And go into it.

Step 2. Pay attention to the block "Cell data". Here 3 fields should be filled: APN, Username, password.

Valid for leading operators are the following parameter values: