How To Switch Music To Mi Band 3

How To Switch Music To Mi Band 3

The new version of the fitness tracker from Xiaomi has been enjoyed by many users. Although this device has a lot of functions, not everyone knows about additional applications that open up new features of the gadget. When the question arises of how to switch music to Mi band 3, people start to panic, as the manufacturer himself did not give an answer to it. Therefore, you have to look for solutions, the amount of which, fortunately, is quite enough for the full use of the bracelet.

Does Xiaomi Mi Band 3 manage music

Switching music to Mi band 3 initially not provided manufacturer. The situation was identical with the previous version of the tracker. Fortunately, smart users quickly found a solution to the problem and released several applications. They do not harm either the bracelet or smartphone, but only simplify the use. Thanks to them, for each owner of the bracelet, new opportunities for the acquired gadget are opened.

How to switch music using Mi Band 3 on Android

The most popular programs to date are listed below.

Application No. 1: Mi Band 2 Func Button

The ideal program for Mi Band 3, which allows you to quickly configure the flipping of music, as well as start and pause playback, volume control and more. Installing and connecting the application is not difficult if you follow according to instructions:

  1. Download from Google Play.
  2. Open and enter the MAC address (you can find it in the official Mi Fit application by going to the "Profile" tab and selecting the attached gadget – the address will be located at the very end of the list that opens).
  3. Set a template for the desired action.
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The application allows you to configure the function of turning the hand, as well as pressing a button (it can be single, double and triple). Additionally, you must select a player (by default) through which music templates will be processed.

The cost of the full version of the application reaches 85 rubles. Payment, as you know, is carried out by credit card tied to the user’s account on Google Play.

Appendix No. 2: Mi Bandage

Music control is also possible using the Mi Bandage program. To start its work, you need to go through several steps:

  1. Download from Google Play.
  2. Link the tracker according to the standard procedure.
  3. Go to the “Touch” section (basic settings).
  4. Record the sequence of touches for each action (start music, scroll through tracks, adjust volume, display information about the artist).

Download the application for free. But the developers presented a premium version, which will cost about 100 rubles.

Appendix 3: Mi Band Master

Mi Band Master is one of the most versatile unofficial programs. They are actively used by owners of Mi Band 3, who often prefer to listen to audio throughout the day. First of all, you need to download the application, and then perform the following actions:

  1. Go to the "Button Actions" section (located in the side menu).
  2. Select the action and the desired template.
  3. If necessary, add the functions of starting and stopping playback, turning over songs and adjusting sound.
How To Switch Music To Mi Band 3

This app is great analogous to the official Mi Fit. It also provides the ability to track heart rate, sleep, distance traveled, and more.

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A more advanced version of PRO will cost users 155 rubles. In it, Mi Band 3 owners have the opportunity to remove the restrictions of the free application, change the design, disable ad units and activate new features.

Application No. 4: Music & Camera control

The list is completed by a program designed specifically for the previous version of the tracker – Mi Band 2. But this is not a problem, since you can use the application for the new model. This utility is intended exclusively for working with music files and the camera. It is important to clearly follow the sequence of actions:

  1. Download the application and enter the MAC address.
  2. Choose a player.
  3. Include the necessary functions in the list that appears (among them: single, double and triple tapping, working in the background, autostart, vibration when connected, working with the headset).

Particular attention should be paid to the button “Only work with headphones”. Turning on this feature is only necessary if music files cannot be played without a headset. If the user listens to music only using the speakers of the device, this button is not required.

After the list of features provided by the program, the gadget owner will be offered the opportunity to purchase an extended version. It costs about 95 rubles. Having spent money on it, you can get additional functions – setting the vibration and displaying the track name immediately after turning over.

Mi Band 3 Music on iPhone

Owners of devices on the iOS platform are much less fortunate. At the moment, they can not teach the tracker how to switch audio files. The only thing left for them is to wait Mi Band Master app release, adapted for iPhones. The creators promise to release this version as soon as possible, but so far you can only guess about its price.