How To Take A Screenshot On A Lenovo Tablet

How To Take A Screenshot On A Lenovo Tablet

Often there are situations when you need to take someone a screenshot that captures, for example, part of the correspondence, the home screen or just a beautiful picture. It is not always possible to download the desired image and throw off in this format, and it is not always convenient. But to know the quick way to take a screenshot on a Lenovo tablet is always useful. This will be the subject of today’s article.

Screenshot (screenshot) – an exact image of what the user sees on the screen.

The word itself is translated from English as a “screenshot”. Why might he need it? For example, you are talking with a friend and you need to refer to correspondence with someone else. If you are talking in a messenger where the function of sending messages is not provided, the task may not be easy. But after learning how to take a screenshot on lenovo, you can easily take pictures of the open application and drop the screenshot into correspondence.


There are several methods for creating a screen on an android. I suggest considering the simplest:

  • Using tablet / phone keys. This is a fairly simple method that does not require additional settings and downloading applications;
  • through the drop down menu. The method involves adding a button to the top menu – will be described in detail below;
  • Downloading additional software. Not the fastest method, but downloaded third-party software can make it easier if you often face the need to take a screen shot.
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Let’s start with the easiest way.

The easiest way is often called printscreen – following the example of screenshots on a computer and laptop, which are made with the PrintScreen key. On android devices, such a key, of course, is not, but the desktop photo can also be made by pressing the keys, which is why they are called, by habit, a printscreen. But how to make it?

Everything is very simple – different versions of Android can be installed on different models of phones / tablets. They differ in what buttons the screen is photographed. On Lenovo, this is most often done by a combination of the on / off key (Power) and the volume button (Volume, in its lower part, where the volume decrease is Vol-). Buttons need to be clamped at the same time – you will hear a click sound as when photographing. Done! You will find the picture in the gallery or in the Pictures / Screenshots folder (it may also be called Screens or something similar).

The second way – through the dropdown top menu

The second method – also uncomplicated – still requires some actions in the settings area. But if you have not changed the settings in the quick access menu section since the purchase of the device, then you can find a button that will allow you to make a screen for Lenovo, in this very menu.

It opens with a swipe from the top (swipe from top to bottom) and contains many different useful functions: Wifi connection, Bluetooth, adjusting the screen backlight level and much more. Among them, you can find a button with an image of scissors or something similar (in some models the signature is Screenshot). Click on it – get the desired picture in the Pictures / Screenshots folder.

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It may be that the button will be absent. Go to the settings – the item "Shortcut menu" or "Manage switches" (it can be found as a sub-item in the "Notification panel"). You don’t need to sound the alarm if you don’t find the buttons for taking photos – some models may simply not have such a function. You can’t do anything with this (unless you ask the seller in advance about this), you need to make a screen in other ways.

With the help of additional software

Download and install the program in order to take a screenshot on the tablet – it is not difficult. Of course, if you can use the button in the drop-down menu, it’s easier to poke on it. But if you have a tablet without this feature or the menu is full of functions you need, instead of which you can’t put another one, third-party software can help.

How To Take A Screenshot On A Lenovo Tablet

Such programs that take a photo of the screen on a Lenovo tablet are called screenshots. By a similar request, you can find a bunch of applications and choose the most convenient for yourself. Some tips on how to choose software:

  • a screenshot should be made with one click;
  • need the ability to choose a “custom” place to save the picture;
  • the ability to edit the resulting image is desirable.


In this article, I tried to describe in detail the methods for creating a screenshot. Of course, there is no way to write a review about each screenshot program, and it will not be possible to describe all the keyboard shortcuts for the print screen on different Lenovo models. So if you still have questions or if you want to supplement the article – welcome to the comments.

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I hope our tips have helped you. Try the universal algorithm described above. See you on the pages of the site!