How To Transfer Contacts From A Lumia Phone (Nokia, Windows Phone) To Google Android

How To Transfer Contacts From A Lumia Phone (Nokia, Windows Phone) To Google Android

Good afternoon. Today I got into the hands of a Nokia phone (Lumia 730 if I’m not mistaken), from which I had to transfer it to the brand new Xiaomi Redmi 4 Pro … So, I was terribly surprised at the lack of this … hmm … device, any mention of exporting contacts in the menu . I got the impression that Microsoft is thus trying to complicate the transition to other platforms from its products, so to speak, to keep the audience. A little google, I came across an article by Vadim Sterkin, thanks to which this instruction is written. For which special thanks to him. Not so much I’m a fan of Windows to know such nuances. Although everything is about the same as on iOS.

So, I hope that you used the Microsoft account on your lumiya (although how else did you install applications on it), if not then quickly register directly from the phone in the corresponding settings menu.

Method number 1. Using CSV File

Go to the People section of Enter your username and password to enter the system. After that, we get here in such a menu 🙂

Click on the tab "Control"→ select"Export Contacts".

A file is downloaded with the name contacts.csv

Next, open the Google Contacts of your account to which your phone is attached. (Yes, yes … now everything is in the cloud, it is safer than storing everything on the phone).

Click on the button "More" → select "Import".

In the window that opens, click on "Select" and indicate the file that we downloaded in the first part of the instruction. Click "Import."

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Contacts will appear in the list. And after a few seconds or maybe minutes, they will appear on phones that have synchronization enabled with this account.

Method number 2. According to the idea of ​​faster.

While in the updated version of Google Contacts, you can try to import contacts directly from the Outlook server. To do this, click on the button "Yet"And"Import".

A menu appears in which we select "".

A window will appear with a warning that Google does not directly import contacts, but with the help of some utility there. We accept the conditions.

If you entered the account in this browser (if not already, then it’s time to do it;), a window will appear in which you need to give Google permission to study the Microsoft account. Click "Yes."

The process of importing contacts will go.

Upon completion, the window will indicate readiness, and the contacts will immediately appear in the menu.

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