How To Unlock Iphone Brought From America

How To Unlock Iphone Brought From America

Many, before buying a gadget from America, wonder about whether it will work with domestic mobile operators? Probably, everyone knows that the modern Russian smartphone market is at a primitive level of development, in connection with which the American company Apple does not risk investing its money and keeps companies that have received permission to sell their equipment in the framework of strict trading. Because of this, the cost of equipment from this manufacturer is at a very high level.

“Gray” iPhones – an affordable option for everyone

It is for this reason that the gray market began to develop so actively. unofficial iPhones that are blocked by their native (American) mobile phone dealer. Such phones have a lot of undeniable advantages, the main of which is its low cost. For example, iPhone 4, which was bought from Russian suppliers, costs about 20,000 rubles, but a similar product brought from the states costs about 12,000 rubles, which, as you know, is a significant difference for the average Russian.

One big “But!” American device is that they are locked to a specific operator and will not work with Russian without a special unlock.

What needs to be done in order for the device to work with domestic networks?

First of all, you need to unlock iPhone, that is, untie it from the American representative. In 90% of cases, phones are tied to the largest US mobile operator AT&T. The only reasonable and reliable way to unlock such a gadget is the official unlock AT&T.

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Should I buy iPhones from America?

How To Unlock Iphone Brought From America

The answer is clear – certainly worth it! When buying such a device, you save a lot of money, because Do not overpay Russian customs. In addition, do not forget that the quality of products abroad is an order of magnitude higher than the phones assembled for the Russian market. All that remains for you to do after the purchase is simply to unlock it and enjoy its work.

How is the process of untying the smartphone and who better to contact?

So, how to unlock iPhone brought from America? The unlocking process itself is simple: a service center specialist submits a request to AT&T, after which the employees of the American company by IMEI check whether the given mobile phone is stolen, is not on the wanted list, after which, if the result is positive, the phone is untied, and you can use the services of a Russian operator. Do not forget that it is better to contact a trusted St. Petersburg service center, which will provide 100% results and technical support for the entire unlocking process. According to statistics, in 97% of cases, users get a positive result of the appeal, but provided that you turned to genuine professionals – to us.