IDFC Mutual Fund celebrates India’s unity in diversity with #UnitedByInvestments investor awareness film

IDFC Mutual Fund uniquely celebrates “unity in diversity” with its latest investor awareness film titled “#UnitedByInvestments‘, releasing this Independence Week. The film pays homage to the diversity that defines different investors across the country. While India’s strength in diversity has been talked about and celebrated year after year, it has mostly addressed the different regions, languages, ethnicities and cultures that are spread across our country. The film can be viewed at The #UnitedByInvestments film is also available on IDFC Mutual Fund social media. Diversity takes on new meaning in film, where the house funds.

talks about different investor personalities and their approach to investing, expressed through opinions. The film comes out at a time when the Indian diaspora exists on the digital world, with social networks erasing borders and regions. As pan-Indian content is celebrated and “One India” ideologies gain traction, the film intends to send a message about “investments” and “mutual funds” being a constant across the country, every citizen wishing for a better life, more financial freedom and stability in matters of long-term finances. Mutual funds are touted as an answer that unites people and gives the type of investment universal appeal.

According Gaurab Parija, Sales and Marketing Manager at IDFC Asset Management Company Limited“As India celebrates 75e
year of independence with Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, the state of mind of its citizens passes from a state of mind of saver to that of investor. Today’s investor is a unique individual with a unique personality and opinion. We wanted to celebrate new age diversities while uniting people around a common goal of financial freedom through mutual funds and thus the conceptualization of #UnitedByInvestments.

Jignesh Dawda, Vice President – Marketing at IDFC Asset Management Company Limited added that “the film features various characters, from different parts of urban India, Gen Z investors, bloggers, free thinkers, etc. The film also pushes things forward by acknowledging non-binary individuals and non-conformists among the target audience portrayed. With diverse opinions that break stereotypes and stand apart, building the story, the film brings it all together by uniting people divided by mutual opinions.

Dolores W. Simon