If The Iphone Is Completely Discharged And Does Not Turn On – What To Do

If The Iphone Is Completely Discharged And Does Not Turn On - What To Do

If the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on, then the first thing to do is. Do not panic, because there are several ways to make it work.

But first, you need to figure out why it does not turn on. In fact, there are only two reasons why the iPhone may not work: the first is fully discharged battery, and the second is software crash. We will deal with each of them.

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on due to a dead battery

  1. If the gadget has a dead battery, you need to connect it to the network adapter and charge it for fifteen minutes (some models take half an hour).
  2. After the specified time has elapsed, it is recommended that you try to turn on the device, but you should not remove it from the outlet.
  3. If everything is fine, then the gadget’s screen should display an empty battery icon with a lightning inside (this means that it is charging and will turn on soon).
  4. In some cases, if the iPhone is completely discharged and refuses to turn on even after a half-hour charge, an empty battery icon, a socket and an arrow indicating lightning may appear on its screen.

This means that the gadget’s battery was completely discharged (or did not turn on for a long time), so it needs extra time to recharge (about four to five hours, after which it can be turned on).

What to do if the iPhone does not turn on due to a software malfunction

  1. If a software failure occurs, the gadget needs a hard reset.
  2. To do it, on the iPhone you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons at once: Power and Home.
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They should be held clamped for about 10-15 seconds, after which the Apple logo should appear on the screen of the gadget, which will mean that the device has started to reboot.

  • After the reboot is completed, the device will begin to function in normal mode.
  • The above problems and their solutions are standard, but if none of these methods helped, then most likely one of the following malfunctions occurred in the smartphone:

    • the battery has deteriorated;
    • the network cable is damaged;
    • mechanical damage to the connector into which the charger is connected;
    • There was an error in the firmware.

    It is recommended to contact a service center with all of the above problems, because it will be very difficult to solve them yourself. Although the world is nothing impossible!