Instructions In Russian For Air Dots Xiaomi

Instructions In Russian For Air Dots Xiaomi

Xiaomi Air dots – stylish wireless headphones that will share your unstoppable love of freedom and music. Compact, lightweight and functional, they are designed to be with you during every moment. The charging case and Bluetooth 5.0 system provide up to 12 hours of enjoyment with crisp and rich sounds.

How to connect bluetooth headphones to your phone

The original solution of Xiaomi Airdots are the touch panels, which are located on the outer sides of each of the headphones. With their help, you can easily connect wireless headphones to your phone.

To connect headphones to the phone You need to perform the following steps:

  • It is necessary to clamp and hold both earphones until you see a double violet-red blinking. It signals that the settings have been reset;
  • Then you should briefly put the headset back in the charging case, after the headphones “find” each other, the right earphone, since it is the main one, will begin to flash pale purple;
  • In the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone, you need to select the headphones that are designated as "MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R". Your phone will be connected to the right earphone, and it will be connected to the left one accordingly.

It happens that AirDots can be synchronized separately, as a result of which, the left earphone can “lose” the right one.

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If one of the wireless headphones does not work, You must perform the following actions;

  1. Disconnect both headphones. To do this, hold down the touch panels on both headphones until the red indicators light up:
  2. It is necessary to hold for 30-50 seconds, after which the white indicator will light up, then, after 10-20 seconds, the indicator will light red-white and blink 2 times:
  3. Continuing to hold the sensors, you need to make sure that they go out for a couple of seconds, after they blink a couple of times, and then blink a few more times – this will indicate that the settings are reset:
  4. After resetting, briefly put the headphones in the charging case. After you get them, they are synchronized and they can be connected to the phone.

Download instructions for Xiaomi air dots

Terms of use for Xiaomi mi Airdots wireless headphones

A Bluetooth headset connects to both iPhone and Android in the same way. In a pair of headphones work for about 4 hours. One at a time – performance increases on average by 1 hour.

For to activate only one earphone, The following must be done:

  • It is necessary to hold the touch panel of the selected earphone;
  • In the telephone Bluetooth setting, you must select "MI AIRDOTS BASIC_R" or "MI AIRDOTS BASIC_L" based on which headphone you have selected. The indicator on the headphone will blink in search of a pair, after 15 seconds the blinking will slow down and from then on the headset will be activated as a standalone device. After that, the earphone will be connected to the phone.
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How do wireless headphones work?

In Xiaomi wireless headphones, when you remove one of the ear, the music will not stop. Headphones are automatically turned off only in the charging case, to connect you just need to get the headphones out of the case. You can disconnect and connect the headphones one at a time, either right or left, you just need to get it, or put it accordingly, from the case.

Wireless headphones support the management of voice assistants, such as Alice, Siri, Google Assistant. They have intuitive controls:

Instructions In Russian For Air Dots Xiaomi
  1. A single touch allows you to answer a call or press pause;
  2. A double tap calls the voice assistant.

The inconvenience is that if you need to adjust the headphone, a pause will occur if you accidentally press the touchpad.

  • If held for one or more seconds, the call is dropped;
  • Double-tapping during a call mutes the microphone.

How to charge Airdots headphones

Xiaomi Airdots headphones are charged using a charging case, which, in turn, charges from micro usb for about 45 minutes. The charge of the case lasts for three full charge of the headphones. A red glowing indicator indicates that the battery is low, a white indicator indicates that the battery is fully charged.

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