IOS 13.1.2, watchOS 6.0.1 and macOS 10.15 beta 10 released

Despite the fact that over the past two weeks, Apple has released two updates for iOS, it was not possible to fix all the company’s flaws. For this reason, Cupertino was thinking about releasing the third update, which was released again without preliminary testing, giving users another reason to complain and blame Apple that it is no longer a cake. Well, or how is it usually?

IOS 13.1.2, watchOS 6.0.1 and macOS 10.15 beta 10 released

iOS 13.1.2. third iOS update in two weeks

Updated: An error crept into the original version of the news. iOS 13.1.2 and watchOS 6.0.1 were released immediately in the form of final versions, not test ones.

Today, September 30, Apple iOS 13.1.2. Owners of all compatible devices can already download it. True, you should not rely on an abundance of innovations, since the update is aimed at eliminating errors.

What has changed in iOS 13.1.2

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the display of progress when saving a backup to iCloud;
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the launch of the built-in Camera application;
  • Fixed a problem that prevented the activation of the flashlight;
  • Fixed a bug that could lead to the calibration of the display;
  • Fixed a problem that prevented fast commands from starting on HomePod;
  • Fixed an issue that caused Bluetooth to turn off when paired with some cars.

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If this is the whole list of fixes that iOS 13.1.2 contains, then I’m not impressed. In any case, the current version of the operating system – both smartphone and tablet – suffers from a much larger number of bugs than described in the update description. One of the errors that appear on iOS 13, iOS 13.1, and iOS 13.1.1 is the problem with the fingerprint authorization window, which confuses users and makes them think that the scanner is broken.

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When watchOS 6 comes out

In addition, today Apple released the tenth beta of macOS 10.15 and watchOS 6.0.1 with fixes for displaying some of the dials. Of course, only developers who own the Apple Watch Series 3, 4 or 5 can install the update, because the previous watch models have not yet been updated to watchOS 6.0. For them, an update, according to official information, will be released this fall. Cupertino refused to report the reasons for this delay.