Iphone 5s Not Charging

Iphone 5s Not Charging

Last time, we thoroughly examined and compiled simple and understandable instructions for those who do not know how to transfer contacts from iPhone to iPhone. You can read about it here.

Sometimes the iPhone and iPad simply stop charging, if this happened to you for the first time, like many others, contact the Apple Fan Forum for a problem. A quick glance will show that you are far from alone.

Today we will deal with one of the most important issues that arises for most users, with previous models of iPhone gadgets, for example, 5 or 6 series. As a rule, the main problem is connected with the charge of the device. The iPhone 5S has stopped charging what to do? The main thing is not to panic, but to familiarize yourself in detail with all kinds of paragraphs of the instructions, which we will give below.

In this article, we describe what you can do if your iPhone or iPad simply does not charge, including the official Apple advice on how to fix such problems yourself. Symptoms of malfunctions vary. In our experience, the problem is mainly in the Lightning cable. First of all, carefully inspect the charger cable for defects.

6 iPhone Charging Tips

1. Obviously, first of all, make sure that the cable and power adapter are connected to the network and are functioning properly.

2. Why does the computer see the iPhone via USB, but does not charge? The power and charge of the device depends on the connector to which you connect to the computer. As a rule, with high power consumption, discharging a device connected to a computer occurs much faster than its charge. It all depends on the output voltage from the USB port. Therefore, charging a gadget from a computer is not a good idea.

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3. Unplug the device and check the Lightning port for debris. Take a toothpick and carefully clean the connector. The most detailed information about possible problems with the port, we examined in this article. For reliable protection against dust and dirt on the front of the smartphone, we recommend that you use protective glasses for the iPhone from Benks, which completely cover the entire device and have rounded edges using 3D technology. The most popular series is the Sapphire XPro 3D tempered glass on iPhone 7.

4. Try using a different cable and power adapter. Test each component of the charging and power system individually.

5. If you are sure that everything works, connect the iPhone for half an hour to the charger. Is the gadget still not charging? Reboot while it is connected to the power source or reset the device. About how to perform a hard reset or reset of the iPhone, we discussed in detail in this guide.

Temporary fixes (First Aid)

While you are awaiting Apple technical support, you can try the short-term tips below. We examined the main reasons that can help sort out your problem. Why is the iPhone 5S not charging but connected?

Iphone 5s Not Charging

1. Gently twist the Lightening cable in the device connector when it is connected to a power source. Be careful, as the connector on the USB cable is quite fragile and can break off at moderate load. At least many people think this helps in most cases.

2. We found that using the old cable (30-pin), the iPhone works much better than with the modern Lightening USB adapter that comes with the kit.

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The above actions are not official tips that are based only on our experience. If your problem is related to the hardware of the gadget or faulty electronic components of the device, in this case only the service center will help.

Communicate with Apple Technical Support

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