Iphone Does Not Charge After Charging

IPhone does not charge – What should I do?

Hello! There is another issue on today’s agenda. What to do and "where to run" when iPhone stopped charging. In this article, we will consider the possible reasons for this and try to find a solution. So, if your iPhone does not charge, get comfortable and read until the very end … Now we will fix it!

As you already understood, there are more than a few reasons why an iPhone may not charge. Below I have collected the most common and "popular" of them. Let’s start with the most “harmless” ones, and then move on to the “cardinal ones” … Follow the above procedure, and each time try to implement what you have read. I’m sure some of the tips will definitely help you defeat and charge your iPhone.

Iphone Does Not Charge After Charging
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Reason number 0: Glitch software (firmware)

Believe it or not, but in most cases the reason for a non-recharging iPhone lies in software (firmware), not hardware. If you did not know, inside the iPhone there is a controller (microcircuit on the board), which is responsible for charging the battery. This controller works under the direction of software. Thus, when you connect the cord to the iPhone, the power is not supplied directly to the battery, but first to the board with the controller, which in turn obeys the program wired into the phone.

What do we get? And the fact that the software component of the iPhone recognizes when a current source is connected to the phone and gives a command to the controller to start charging. If the software is in a frozen state, no command will be given and your iPhone will not charge.

A hard reset of the device usually helps to solve this problem. To do this, simultaneously hold down the Home and Power buttons for at least 30 seconds.

Reason # 1: Lightning Port Pollution

80% of the population wears their phones in the pockets of their trousers or trousers … I don’t know about you, but I regularly clean any garbage from my pockets … where does it come from? Moreover, this garbage (dust, villi, hair, etc.) is trying to get into any click of my iPhone.

Imagine! This is the first reason iPhone may not charge. You can’t even imagine how much lint and dust enters the Lightning charging slot! The accumulated compressed dust does not allow the Lightning plug to fit normally in the hole of the connector, which leads to a higher problem. Do not believe me?

Try to do it! Take a wooden toothpick and carefully clean the accumulated debris from the Lightning connector. Try to “pick out” the charging holes from both corners. Take extreme care not to damage the contacts. You will be shocked when you see how much “felt” you managed to get. After that, blow out the connector and connect the charging. If the phone is very weak, it may take up to 15 minutes before it gives the first signs of life.

Reason # 2: USB port is defective

If you are trying to charge your iPhone from a USB port, the first thing you should do is check if it works. On my working Windows laptop there are a couple of USB connectors, from which the iPhone does not charge at all. I don’t know what it is connected with, but the phone does not receive a charge. It seems that 5V power is not supplied to these USB ports at all.

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Some information for general development:
Regular USB the port has an output voltage of 5V and a current strength of 0.5A
– standard charging iPhone gives out 5V and 1A
– Well and charging for ipad gives out 5V and 2A

Try to do it! If this is your case, try another USB port or connect the iPhone to a regular 220V charge. If the charger also doesn’t help charge your iPhone, read about the next possible reason.

Reason # 3: Charger / cable defective

So, if your iPhone is not charging from a Chinese (non-original) charge, I would Did not become farther EXPERIMENT and would try FIND THIS APPLE ORIGINAL CHARGE. Everything should be clear here.

Good – good … what if the original Apple charger doesn’t charge the iPhone either? Then it was the turn to test the Lightning cable. Again, from personal experience, even the original cables that come with the iPhone fail over time. Honestly, native cables are initially quite fragile. If you use them insufficiently accurately, then from frequent excesses not only the external plastic sheath is violated, but also the conductive "veins". I recently threw out my native cable, as it began to charge the iPhone no more than 60%.

I have nothing against lightning cables that sell on AliExpress. Here they either charge or not. Do you know how much the original 1m lightning cable costs in the Apple Store? Fabulous $ 19. Wow! For the money, you can purchase at least three excellent certified cables that will charge your iPhone without any problems. I tried a bunch of cables – from cheap for $ 0.99 to expensive for $ 10 from different manufacturers, and I can advise you on a really cool lightning cable from Ugreen (link on AliExpress).

“This cable or accessory is not certified …”

Perhaps some of you have already come across the message “This cable or accessory is not certified, so the reliability of its operation with this iPhone is not guaranteed ". There may be several reasons for this and we will consider them in a separate article. I will say only one thing – starting with iOS 7, Apple has taught its devices to recognize the authenticity of USB cables. As I wrote earlier, a special chip is installed in the Lightning plug of the cable, which allows the iPhone (iPad) to recognize the origin of this cable. The Chinese, of course, learned to fake Lightning chips, but with the release of iOS 7, Apple again changed the rules of the game. Therefore, try to use the original exercises …

Try to do it! Use known-good original chargers and Lightning cables. If they do not help, most likely one of the components of the iPhone is out of order. Read about it below.

Reason # 4: iPhone components are faulty

Well, the last reason why the iPhone does not charge is today – malfunction of internal components. Yes, and do not be surprised – this is a fairly common reason! Most often, either the battery or the power / charge controller fails. What exactly failed you, you can find out after the diagnosis in the service center. In the comments below, many people complain that their The iPhone does not charge at all, or abnormally quickly loses its charge, or gets too hot, or does not accept the cable – all these are signs of a faulty iPhone power / charge controller. About the replacement of power and charging controllers iPhone I wrote in detail in a separate article (link). Well, if you need to explain it on your fingers, then in essence the U2 battery controller is a chip (microcircuit) on the iPhone board, which can be replaced (re-soldered) with a new one. In normal service centers, this procedure does not cause special difficulties and costs from 2500 to 4000 rubles.

Try to do it! I can’t say right away what exactly failed in your case. You have a direct road to the service center. Be sure to check the performance of the iPhone after replacing the charge controller or battery. Even new iPhone batteries (again of Chinese origin) can be defective and not take charge. Or maybe the master, mistakenly replacing one component, did not find the real problem. Therefore, ask the service center to connect your iPhone to a power source and make sure that the phone turns on, and the charge indicator has gained at least a couple of percent.

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In any case, write in the comments which method helped you. If the iPhone still does not charge, write to me about it and I will try to find another solution for you. We are always in the same place, so come and ask. In order not to lose contact, subscribe to updates through the form below, as well as to our group in contact.
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Hello, something strange is happening in my 5s. The reason is … I put it on charge (the original cord) charges up to 50-55% and the charge indicator disappears (they say the charge does not go on anymore), I pull out and stick the cord back (helps for 5 minutes) and the indicator disappears again. I take my wife’s lace up to 80%. but sometimes it breaks through the cherished 100%. But such a fraud does not always work with his wife’s lace. it happens that the same as with my …
What could it be? What tell me.

My iPhone is a month old
Yesterday at lunch it wasn’t him 15% I put on charge
An hour later I looked there was 4%
And it does not charge at most 7%
Then discharged to 4%
In the morning I had 4%, I charged all the same
But it does not discharge even at 1%
The phone is new
How can this be.
Help it

Good afternoon! My iPhone 5s has stopped charging. More precisely, there are no problems with incomplete discharge – it charges well, but dies when it is completely discharged. Various reasons were mentioned in various services and, accordingly, that I had already repaired since February: 1. changed the “Chinese” charge to the “native” one; 2. cleaned the port from dirt; 3. a week ago, replaced the U2 chip; and finally, today, when he was completely discharged and “didn’t” take the charge, 4. I tried one of your tips. She kept Home and Power pressed at the same time for almost a minute – it didn’t help … So what else could be the cause of my phone’s malfunction ?

Tatyana, I would have sinned on a U2 chip, but if it was already changed … I don’t know what to say. Have you tried hard resetting your phone (HOME + POWER 30sec)?
Maybe it’s the battery. Lithium-ion batteries have a chip that protects against over-discharge and can be done by breaking the circuit if the battery voltage drops too low. If the circuit breaks, it will be impossible to charge such a battery due to the fact that it is as if disconnected inside. It will be possible to resume the circuit when the battery voltage rises at least a couple percent. But how to do that? In order to “return” the battery a couple of percent, necessary to start charging, heat it. I would try to heat the phone with a hairdryer (just do not overdo it) and then put it on charge.
Not a fact that will help in your situation, but you need to try.

Thanks for the answer! I will try, only now I try to prevent a complete discharge. I returned to the workshop where they changed – U2, they connected it there – it is charging, it was assumed that it was the charger again, they gave them to charge for the experiment with me … I DO NOT charge. (connected to different sockets – both at work, at home, and even through the laptop port (I have a Mac), returned to the master to give the charger, it connects with me – it charges! My brain broke :))

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Good afternoon. I bought a 6 iPhone. Allegedly restored. Initially, the charge sometimes departed native – I had to move a little to start charging, but rarely. And then the cable died at all – neither an iPhone nor an iPad charges. And the iPhone itself – I bought it’s native charge in the Apple Store now it has become very difficult to charge – he then sees it doesn’t see the cable, to charge it you need to choose a position for a very long time and, God forbid, it stops charging. The port looked clean. What could be the reason tell me?

Good afternoon. I had a 6 iPhone working well for half a year and charging was well held until I went on vacation. In general, I charged it in the car and did not charge, as a result, then it turned out that the car had a dead battery. The phone did not charge and I left it. I brought it home and it was on my original charge all night, but the phone did not charge at all and did not react in any way. What could it be?

iPhone does not charge with non-original cable – what to do?

The high cost of original chargers for the iPhone and iPad forces many users to buy cheap Chinese chargers, which often cause problems. The mobile device may not be charged from a non-original cable or, for example, may not be detected in iTunes. We will talk about what to do in such a situation in this instruction.

iPhone does not charge with non-original cable – what to do?

The simplest and at the same time the most effective way to solve the problem associated with the inability to charge your iPhone or iPad from a non-original cable is to banally transfer your mobile device to “Airplane mode”. In this case, as soon as charging the gadget has begun, it can be transferred to normal mode, which makes it possible to fully use the device.

Note that the problem situations are different and in some cases, charging using an unoriginal iPhone or iPad cable will only be in "Airplane Mode".

Why, then, iPhone and iPad do not work as expected with some non-original chargers? It all started with iOS 7, in which Apple developers banned the possibility of using unlicensed cables, trying to force manufacturers to start working on the MFi program. There were no positive changes for manufacturers of non-original chargers in newer versions of iOS, however, the situation did not worsen – many cables continue to work with the iPhone and iPad as if nothing had happened.

iPhone does not charge with non-original cable. What to do?

Original chargers for Apple devices are not cheap, so many prefer to use Chinese copies, which differ at a much more modest price. It would seem that the problem has been resolved, but the American corporation quickly stopped attempts at such a loss of profit and decided to limit the use of counterfeit products. An iPhone or an iPad connected to a non-original charge simply does not charge and is not detected in iTunes.

If you use a Chinese charger, then do not rush to get rid of it in favor of the original. There is a little trick to getting your iPhone or iPad to recharge from a non-original cable.

Just before charging, transfer your phone to “Airplane mode”, and after charging has started, transfer it back. True, in some cases, the gadget will only be charged in "Airplane Mode".

Why are iPhone and iPad not syncing properly with non-original chargers? The fact is that starting with iOS 7, in which Apple developers banned the possibility of using unlicensed cables in order for manufacturers to start working on the MFi program. There were no positive changes for manufacturers of non-original chargers in newer versions of iOS, in general, as well as more stringent measures in relation to fake cables.